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  1. Und damit möchte man aussagen… was? Die letzten 13 Jahre an soliden Zugewinnen einfach mal ausblenden?

  2. World fertility rate is only 2.3 children per woman. It drops every year so it gets closer and closer to replacement rate, and then world population drop. This is not just a rich country thing, almost every country is in the world regardless of wealth has had their fertility rate drop over the decades. There's just a few countries that increased their fertility rate

  3. It’s not regardless of wealth. It it because of (growing) wealth, on average, globally.

  4. Pepper is not a category of classical literature !

  5. Ist halt ne komplett unsinnige Rechnung. Rechne doch mal gegen, was du raus bekommst

  6. Schaut keiner von euch „kurz gesagt“ auf yt? Finde allein dafür ist das geld schon gut angelegt.

  7. Kurzgesagt hat schon vor der Funk-Mitgliedschaft ihre phantastischen Videos (in Englisch) produziert. Jetzt sind sie kein Teil mehr von Funk und produzieren weiter ihre fast so phantastischen Videos in Deutsch.

  8. Watch your shady mouth. Kurzgesagt is based beyond measurement.

  9. „Certain billionaires invested in“

  10. Hatte rund 13k netto auf den Monat gerechnet (Gehalt+Bonus+Benefits). Durchschnittliche monatliche Sparrate war 6.9k im Jahr 2021 und knapp 8k im Jahr 2022. War aber im EU Ausland, nicht in DE.

  11. Darf man fragen welcher Bereich / welches Land? Und benefits heißt du warst nicht mal selbstständig, sondern „normal“ angestellt?

  12. Ja, normal angestellt in einem Dax Konzern, habe dort internationale Teams geleitet. Es war ein internationaler Arbeitsvertrag, da ich vorher in einem anderen Land für den selben Arbeitgeber gearbeitet habe. Bei den Benefits war zB meine Wohnung dabei, die mir bezahlt wurde. Diese Expatverträge sind sehr lukrativ, aber nicht so einfach zu bekommen. Früher gab es das öfter, heute sparen die Firmen sich das eher

  13. Spannend, danke für den Einblick. Brauch man denn als EU-Bürger mittlerweile überhaupt einen Expat-Vertrag innerhalb der EU, wegen Freedom of Movement?

  14. Who is number three? I feel like there is a really clever "planes, trains, and automobiles" joke in here for someone to make.

  15. Underrated comment; well done ⭐️

  16. Warum? Was ist an einzelnen Aktien so falsch? Es ist herausfordernder aber sicher nicht falsch.

  17. Höheres Risiko und im Schnitt geringere Rendite. Für den Normalo ohne Bloomberg-Zugang oder Insider-Informationen sind breit gestreute ETFs die bessere Wahl in 99% der Fälle

  18. Man braucht keine Insiderinfos um die Wette zu machen, dass z.B Apple oder Microsoft eine Firma ist, die auch in Zukunft viel zu bieten hat. Und im Endeffekt ist es halt nicht nur eine finanzielle Entscheidung, sondern vielen Menschen macht es auch einfach Spaß in ihre Lieblingsfirmen Geld zu stecken. In meinem Fall ist es aber ansonsten schon so, dass ich mit meinen Aktien und Cryptos deutlich mehr Rendite erzielt habe als mit dem MSCI World ETF.

  19. Lass uns doch nochmal in 20 Jahren prüfen ob sich der MSCI oder deine Dogecoins besser gehalten haben.

  20. Yes. Relationships are overrated in uni. Just imagine having student loan debt, no house, no car, wedding costs, date costs and relationships will be the last thing on your mind.

  21. I am answering in context to the question. It’s not life, it’s uni. Not saying you can’t date, it’s just not the best time to. If you find the one good. But don’t settle for proximity.

  22. I really really hope you get a chance to re-think this with a clear head at some point. There will never be another time in life where it’s as easy to get to know & date someone new than during your uni years. Let it be told, my days are already a bit behind me

  23. Care to provide a source on this claim? I call bullshit

  24. Thanks for this. Until 2050 sound a lot more reasonable, however the discussion point was the Status Quo, since you said

  25. Weil gut zureden und bitten die Bürger ja so gut zum Handeln gebracht haben.

  26. Weil die Bürger damit auch so gut von den Argumenten überzeugt werden. Und dann natürlich alle Grün und Links wählen. Klar.

  27. Schwarz und weiß. Aktivisten demonstrieren , stört es dich ? Freie Meinungsäußerung ist doch an und für sich was feines.

  28. Ja, simpel und einfach ja. Ganz offenbar stört es einen erheblichen Teil der Bevölkerung soweit dass diese Such-Anfragen entsprechend ernst vorgenommen werden.

  29. It doesn’t just happen in porn you know

  30. That’s absolutely terrible data visualization. What is it with the repetitive shitty couple images?

  31. Thanks for the reminder! Will do later and post link here

  32. Proper red wine has a price, and is heavily correlated to a certain type of eating/living. You typically find it less properly consumed in lower income households / countries / regions.

  33. That explains perfectly as to why I didn't get into it. I'm not much of a podcast listener, so aside from the decent background animations while the "talk show" is going on, the actual audio was going straight in one ear and out the other.

  34. Have you watched it high? This is the only purpose, you watch it high and don’t event understand what world you are getting into. Absolutely mind blowing experiences each time

  35. Thank you so much OP! I was looking for an external monitor stand just like this!

  36. I refuse to believe that smart thermostats reduce your need for heating by ~40-50%.

  37. And how do you keep 19 degrees constantly without smart thermostats? I mean it’s a tool to achieve the goal

  38. Thermostatic radiator valves can do this without any "smart" features. They are basic analogue thermostats built into the knob. They can keep a constant temp but you have to monitor and change them through the day if you want to vary the temp.

  39. This is what I’m saying. Practically maintaining temperature without adjusting it manually dozen times a time, while working in home office for example. That’s the whole point of having a smart thermostat.

  40. This is simply wrong to state generally - a lot of countries have indeed working recycling systems!

  41. Hier gehen wir - LuftPresse Team erhebt euch!

  42. Very rarely do people tip delivery drivers in cash, if someone left the tip off an online order 9/10 they are gonna stiff you.

  43. Jesus, not everywhere is a tipping culture like in the US - I assume you are from there, because obviously you assume all of us are :)

  44. Yeah I'm trying to make more than dogshit out there. I probably have more than just your delivery to do and if I got delayed at a restaurant or get caught in traffic then my hourly income is slipping already. Look, I don't mind if someone meets me outside or at the door and wants to say hi or thanks or whatever. It can be nice. But I'm not a mind reader and if there's no note in the app then I'm not gonna sit around waiting for someone to appear that in all likelihood is sitting there waiting for me to drop it off and go away.

  45. What the heck, I only tip in cash at the door. Never via app. In multiple European countries done so, since ever.

  46. New in Munich, are these firework celebrations legal? I was surprised that in my very residential area it felt like hundreds of people were lighting them up for hours straight until 2 am or so. I thought the quiet hours thing was pretty serious?

  47. Once a year everything changes. NYE is like the German purge.

  48. It’s an airport. Different countries have different levels of cash / CC preference. Happened more than once that cabs in places without Uber etc. only take cash. Good luck getting into the city otherwise, having just arrived there.

  49. Idk what someone could possibly need cash for at an airport. There’s only a couple things I even use cash for anymore.

  50. Cabs, in a lot of places of this world, for starters.

  51. You put your mug up to the lever on the fridge, decide if you want cubed or chipped, then press the lever and it drops ice into your mug. Then you press to dispense water and you fill your mug.

  52. I would argue that outside the US, these fridges are simply not a thing. But I get it, its cultural, simply don't need it. Our parents even told us (in Germany) that cold water is bad for your stomach, so it even has a negative connection.

  53. For me growing up, even in the summer our water came out of the tap cold. In the winter, our water came out of the tap just above freezing, and I loved it. To me, warm water is water that has sat out for a while, so it's not "fresh".

  54. This is a great perspective to better understand where this feeling comes, thanks!

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