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  1. this last week i have researched brain fog and there are lots of things that can causes brain fog: adhd, spinal issues, high blood pressure, low calcium, low b12, caffeine, etc. i personally have most of those issues except the caffeine. i guess we all have to live with it.

  2. a way i combat brain fog from using the computer is after every 10-20 minutes on the computer, i take a 4-5 minute break.

  3. im sorry but that last sentence made me have a stroke

  4. With your penis? It wasn't that sexual bruh

  5. I just wanna state (if anybody even ends up seeing this) I don't care if you fap or not!

  6. I doubt it, OP is probably just looking to have more frequent opportunities to run and go hold equipment in the bathroom.

  7. I am kinda dumb, can you explain this to me?

  8. whenever im having fun with my family, all of my urges just fly away....

  9. it's been a week.. thats nothing. I go 3 weeks without trying, come back in 90 days or so and we will talk

  10. i think bragging is fine, because we should be proud of what we can do

  11. 3. Be happy knowing that you dodged an urge

  12. Nah bruh, every teenage boy faps, she knows just from this very fact of life

  13. I feel like it really shouldn't matter what your motive is for NoFap. For some people it may be getting girls, or in my case, maybe you want to focus on your passions but PMO is setting you back.

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