1. I would not use wax paper, as it will come off and you will be smoking wax from the paper. Only use parchment.

  2. Top 5 cash crop and only been legal in few states for a few years. That says a lot when it’s running against corn & cotton which has been legal for centuries

  3. I always find it so funny when people comment on old stuff(I also find it funny when i am commenting on old stuff) but yea definitely, I think I meant in terms of price per weight

  4. The Piro is the Lamart one I think you mean, that's more like an all glass brick style vape where you are drawing while the torch is on, I keep meaning to get one but my wallet hasn't recovered from my last visit to their site.

  5. Murphy's law states it would be a teflon core one

  6. Are you thinking of the minivap? The vapeexhale never made a Teflon core design, or so I thought?

  7. My advice is watch YouTube videos on it if you can find the name. More importantly though, be fucking careful. If you burn yourself it’s almost an instantaneous 3rd degree burn

  8. There is glass in the device besides the stem. I will be receiving the Tinymight 2 today or tmrw. I currently have a Ceroma. If you can wait a day or two dm me and I can answer any questions

  9. How did the cure and nugs come out? I’d love to share some photos of my outdoor MMXx. I just pulled them down yesterday here in NY.

  10. I can send some pictures later tonight, but it came out great! Firm but not insanely dense and smell fantastic and not one note, hard to describe even but def sweet and fuel notes

  11. 3/5 of my products by them have failed within 3 months. Not worth the money imo

  12. https://us.govee.com/products/govee-wi-fi-digital-thermometer-hygrometer-3-pack?_pos=4&_sid=358edbd53&_ss=r

  13. Hey dude, I use the arizer solo 2. I've tried the mighty, my brother has the mighty plus so I had a go with it. Honestly the mighty does produce a slightly thicker vapour, but I wouldn't say it's much better than the solo 2. Certainly not 3x the cost anyway. I think the standard mighty is a little cheaper, but again the difference in performance I don't think justifies how much more they cost.

  14. No offense but I wouldn’t recommend smth just because you’ve tried it. If they want something that emulates smoking at all they would want an on demand vape, and you literally only mentioned session vape lmao

  15. I’m currently between the TM2 and the ALP, do you have any experience with the tinymight?

  16. The tm2 is better. ALP is the budget friendly option if you can’t afford the tm2

  17. Hurry unless you want to wait until next weekend. Only one left! :) I hope to have everything available together next weekend!

  18. Oh wow! Lost it during the contact info screen! Well that’s ok, glad they are selling like hotcakes :) see ya in a week😆

  19. Nope, it removed it from my cart when going to contact info, said sold out.

  20. Cool, now I just need to figure out where I can buy it from!

  21. Yup I did a 2x4 and got the same in-line as a back up and use the tent for mothers and clones when not drying in it, solid investment

  22. That’s pretty much my favorite part haha. A lot of us came from smoking and actively are trying to get the best of both worlds. I call it the throat hit

  23. Pretty similar to how I clean most of my vapes, disassemble and soak everything except the cap in 99% ISO. If it's really dirty I'll use a q-tip to get the gunk out, but usually a quick soak + rinse is plenty. Then rinse everything with hot water and dry with a hair dryer if I'm trying to use it quickly.

  24. If there is any residual moisture under the clicking disc it can break it down much quicker than if you keep it dry. When I need to clean my cap I dip a q-tip in iso and scrub it with that. Then I'll make sure to dry it really well before using again.

  25. I’m pretty sure 100% natural doesn’t mean much. This doesn’t appear to be organic and I would be worried about inhaling this, it’s pretty clearly meant for steeping in water imo

  26. That isn’t a real certification it has the same value to me as their “pure” claims. It doesn’t mean anything and makes me worried about the legitimacy of the product. Pretty much everything on it can be said without it meaning anything other than their non-gmo claim which is also shady since they said “no” instead of “non” which is the standard way of formatting that. Along with all of this since the product isn’t a food and probably came from a wellness store or smth it doesn’t need any approval to be sold by the fda. It’s risky.

  27. Heavier than the argo, that's what they were asking. he's still looking for something that fits dosing capsules.

  28. They never say the word heavier that’s why I was confused I think.

  29. XMax V3 Pro would be a heavy hitter option. PoTV One if you want to keep the portability of the argo. You can stick with Arizer and get the Air Max. You may be able to find an OG mighty for under $200.

  30. I would personally use Dr zymes and the vacuum concept. Dr zymes is supposed to be ok up until day of harvest but most won’t do it unless they need to

  31. I definitely will revert to Zymes if I had to. I think I actually killed a bunch today and also defoliated. Removed some small webs. It’s nothing like a google image picture of spider mites, you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know they were there. There is quite a few on underside of leaves but after going through the plant I’m not seeing many more. Tried the vacuum as well and that helped clean a bunch out. Appreciate the help!!

  32. That’s good! Glad to hear it:) I’d continue what you did today tmrw and just keep inspecting till harvest time, you got this!

  33. I actually found it to be rather clean, but if I had the money I would buy another Slide so I don't have to mix up the two. I'm sure the metal heads clean much easier though.

  34. What model do you have? And I was wondering about the clean up for the balls specifically. The concentrates I use never burn clean, always leaves a small residue, I imagine that would end up staying on the balls. Where as with a banger the qtip takes care of it.

  35. I just use a Slide with a torch, it leaves a small amount of residue so I only do it once in a blue moon but a banger would be much more ideal.

  36. Gotcha I didn’t realize what vape you were referring to. I imagine the residue comes off with a burn off like with a banger tbh. I’ve certainly been eyeing that device I just can’t possibly justify it with a Ceroma already. Either way I think for OP it’ll still make sense to just get a dedicated unit regardless of what it is given both are around 100$

  37. I completely disagree and that’s why I commented it. I would not be comfortable touching the coil even for a split second, which is something I am comfortable doing with the housing unit itself. There is absolutely a large temp difference.

  38. Unfortunately I do not need to, as I’ve touched both and was only injured by one. If the difference was 50 degrees and caused that much of a difference in experience so be it

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