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  1. When someone spazzes out, the best recourse is to defend and smother. Not necessarily in the literal definition, although that works, but most untrained people will just fire a flurry of wide haymakers that if they have any type of physical strength, can definitely KO someone. However, this often doesn’t last long. The best way to endure this in my experience is to not back up, and instead close the distance and clinch. Clinching is something I recommend everyone gets good at, especially sweeps and knees, as those will quickly take the steam out of an aggressive opponent. In a self defense situation, “jerseying” someone like they do in hockey fights is super effective, pull their clothes up over their head, control their main attacking arm, usually the right, and hit them with everything you’ve got, using trips to create opportunities to attack where they have no balance to counter.

  2. Super high infant/child mortality rates brought average lifespans down significantly.

  3. That’s why median is almost always a more relevant statistical marker

  4. Try out some yoga. Child’s pose is great for opening up the hips for kicks

  5. Second that, crow pose is my go to before every single class. I literally barely know any yoga poses but that one opens my hips up so well

  6. No one is suggesting that meat should always be served without bones. There’s nothing better than fried chicken…on the bone. There are many meals where the bone is expected to be present, lamb chops, and T-bone steak come to mind. This is about the type of meal or format. I’ve eaten at many Asian restaurants and to be honest I’ve never had a sandwich that had bones in it.

  7. Not sandwiches, but all dishes unless specified otherwise are gonna have bones, they just chop up the whole chicken

  8. My favorite local Mexican restaurant closed and a new one took over the same location. Their menu had a disclaimer that they couldn't promise their wouldn't be bones in the chicken. Have never gone there since they took over, wtf do you mean you can't promise there isn't chicken bones in my burrito?

  9. I will say, when you’re breaking down whole roast chickens, sometimes a piece of bone will end up in the final product. I’m sure it happened like once and someone sued them and so they had to include the disclaimer. I’ve never broken down whole chickens professionally but I’ve done it quite a few times with rotisserie chickens and homemade whole chickens and it takes a ton of practice to get all the meat with 0 bone or inedible bits, and even then you miss a couple every now and then.

  10. I’ve heard this argument but it’s incredibly obvious when you’re hit in the head with a punch or kick. That should be a signal that you have something to work on with your defense. You shouldn’t only fix things when you’re knocked out.

  11. I don’t disagree, but also you can spar safely without headgear, and headgear impedes your head movement and vision, making it more likely that you’ll get hit with that punch or kick. From what I’ve seen, people always go harder, subconsciously or consciously, when they have headgear on.

  12. It’s always that they’re afraid that they’ll just spaz out if they’re getting beat and embarrass themselves

  13. So what I thinks going on here is it’s a sub filled of people that are at the bottom of the bell curve, and the forward thinking of an individual or group of average intelligence is beyond their understanding and are perceived as just pure galaxy brain actions. They are the type of person that sees you do simple math in your head and thinks you’re a genius. They assume that the people running these companies must be even more mega genius than that and every move they make is beyond their own comprehension, and there is no way people that smart could get duped by someone as dumb and on their level as the loathsome Kenny.

  14. I think because they’re mostly new investors, they’re confused by the stock market, because it is confusing, and they assume that the people at the head of these companies must be geniuses to understand how it works.

  15. Sounds legit, being in shape and sparring are the two most important components of martial arts. I would take someone who’s fit and spars 3x a week but never does technique drills, over someone who’s out of shape and does technique drills only with no sparring, but has trained for a long period of time. If you don’t spar, you don’t know how to fight. Period.

  16. I would take someone who does all 3 to beat both those guys lol

  17. And they think that everyone behind the conspiracy like the SEC is just gonna throw their hands up like “they got us boys, guess the world’s financial system is gonna collapse and every cent on earth is going to a bunch of Reddit stock traders, time to hang it up, nothing we can do”

  18. If he’s apologizing after you have sex every time….that’s not good.

  19. I’d love to see more Muay Thai adapted to MMA like Rafael Fiziev and Brad Riddell, also Petr Yan but he’s also got a boxing background. Once MMA really catches on among Thais I think we’ll see some great lower weight fighters. Also, I love the way Mongolians fight, they’re all absolute savages in the octagon. Not really a style but I see Mongolians becoming a larger part of the sport in the next few years.

  20. That's weird I was sparring in karate when I was like nine has the world changed

  21. If you’re cornered in an alley, first, give them what they want, hopefully they leave. Second, if they start attacking you, hit one of them as hard as you can, push him out of the way and run. No martial art will give you enough of a chance for it to be worth fighting multiple people.

  22. What does it matter if it was known months ago or not? Bankruptcy is bankruptcy. The age of the news doesn’t matter, the company is losing money and every day gets closer to going out of business

  23. So why are you here then? To convince people to sell? Perhaps you have a short position?

  24. I would never put my money anywhere near a meme stock lmfao, I don’t even know how to buy a short on robinhood. I’m just into cults and watching one in real time is fascinating.

  25. They sell, it’s just the ones that sell are so ostracized that you never hear from them, their subs just get smaller and smaller

  26. I know, first I thought it was sad, then I remembered that sub is full of snake oil salesmen

  27. What’s really sad is that it’s more of a snake oil MLM where they don’t even know it’s snake oil

  28. It's an inertia selling trap. You have to have started to buy the product before they'll tell you the price.

  29. Exactly. They’re banking on you not wanting to go through the whole process of finding a job again once you’re in the room for the interview and just settling for whatever they feel like underpaying you.

  30. Yeah, I realised that and edited the post.

  31. Hotel conference rooms are actually pretty common venues for lower level martial arts events, boxing, mma, etc. They’re fairly affordable large spaces that are set up to host large groups and events without having to rent an arena. Generally large school/YMCA style gymnasiums with spectator stands and hotel conference rooms are the go to venue for martial arts competition up until you get to the level where you need an arena to host large numbers of fans.

  32. Btw the wrist lock he uses and says “gimme a fuckin break” is called the kote hineri and it’s been used by police military and prison guards effectively for decades across the world….ijs

  33. It’s not that it’s ineffective but you’re devoting both of your hands to control one of theirs, leaving you wide open to a haymaker from their free hand. Typically cops and CO’s have backup, so they can afford to sell out more on controlling one limb since someone is helping control the other ones.

  34. I understand being upset but the elbow was totally uncalled for, I was with you until that shit

  35. Oh so that’s how it works. I realize that while using the high guard, I couldn’t see/understand which attack was exactly was being thrown.

  36. It’s all timing. I basically throw the counter the second their glove touches my guard.

  37. “If I had a band I personally wouldn’t sleep with my fans.” Lol what a load of bullshit. Sorry babe, I can only have sex with you if you don’t like my band 😂

  38. I get what you’re saying but I don’t think I agree. As long as it’s consensual I don’t see anything wrong with musicians sleeping with fans. Seems like a win-win in my book… Like hypothetically, if you went to a (insert your musical crush here) concert and they invited you back to their tour bus, would you do it? Most people would enthusiastically get on that mothafuckin’ bus! The problem is when there isn’t consent, or drugs/ alcohol get involved, or when the fans are underage. But that’s always the case regardless of who you are.

  39. I mean, to be honest, I don’t see how it’s avoidable. Are you only supposed to sleep with people who hate your music?

  40. If Beneil gets a title I will shit myself, I think he could actually be a tough matchup for Islam

  41. Didn’t read the whole thing but this is a case of seeing a trend that isn’t there. Sure there might have been some tongue in cheek “kicking is for cheese eating frenchies” at some point, but it’s not serious. There are decent kickboxers from the UK.

  42. I don’t agree with this at all, the UK has the highest level Muay Thai community outside of Thailand. They also have a UFC champion and plenty of high level up and coming mma fighters, like Arnold Allen, Tom Aspinall, and Jack Shore. They punch above their weight in combat sports considering their relative population size.

  43. How about you take another shot at this post and condense it to like, 3 paragraphs.

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