Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. What's your world exploration % at from reputation guy? I'm at 91% with a couple things to do at least

  2. I made it to 92% and still have like 6 chests i haven't found

  3. i dont know but it's happening in my very rares. rares are fine

  4. I can trade on PC, have yet to be able to get linked xbox working again

  5. Following. its not working for me either :/

  6. My linked xbox account is in the same boat

  7. Wait every player get the same. I thought it was random wtf

  8. i think every player should be GC, just to be fair

  9. lemme know, curious to see if that fixes it or not. if not i assume it'll get fixed eventually but wouldn't really make sense that he cant trade if he meets the requirements

  10. same problem here. i can't get linked xbox account working for trades. lvl 100+ and did the 50+ minutes this morning. I'm not sure if that account is fully syncing because everytime i log in i have to re-accept the eula.

  11. didn't ask for eula this time but i'm tired of annoying backed up trades to test if it works or not

  12. You know, when I right click on the Rocket League icon on my desktop it has an option to 'restore previous versions'. I wonder if that works...

  13. What possible good does it do? If you're going to spout scammer nonsense, save it. Take the proper precautions, take 5 min to educate yourself, and it won't be an issue.

  14. So my one fucking account that is high level is bugged with epic. I don't get invites unless i'm not in game. NICE

  15. I'm not sure, but I've definately not seen any certified.

  16. Are you collecting the new ones, that used to be common pre-free2play?

  17. Bugged: some items are still bugged. Some that were bugged when F2P started were fixed but as far as i can tell these are still bugged:

  18. why on earth are flamethrowers, road hogs, venoms, x-devils, and some exotic tradeup wheels trade locked!!!???????

  19. 3/4 went to uncommon. only min-spec stayed at rare

  20. What happens to steam accounts that don't own the game but play via family sharing? I use multiple accounts for better inventory management. Do I need to move everything to an account that owns rocket league?

  21. I'd like to know too. Also wondering about sienna dune sweeper, and grey/sienna/saffron cyberwave

  22. Explanation: disconnecting everytime I drop fromt he bus

  23. I just get stuck on loading screen while joining server to go to the island. I get the error message or crash. I never even make it to the bus. I can't play at all.

  24. Same issue. Also if I try jumping in a phone booth at the beginning of a match i'll pop out and be frozen for up to a minute

  25. I beleive it's just the golden items doing this. Unfortunately that little mouse icon for trading up that is shown on the details window doesnt show for items in the trade window

  26. No kidding. How about also being able to filter out commons, or untradeables? I'm still clicking on commons to archive them.

  27. LOL I wish they could be archived. What numbskull didn't make that an option?

  28. I think the "non crate" term needs to change to "trade-up", ie trade-up very rares.

  29. Congrats. I can relate. I'm a few years older, and touched champ briefly last week for the first time.

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