1. I love Fleabag. I’ve seen her typed as ILE often but I have no idea. Are you thinking that she and the Priest could be duals?

  2. I’m an LIE and I’m married to an ESI so I know a thing or two about Se blocked with Fi.

  3. Most of my family is Gamma and I think I’m either an IEI or EIE but the way you describe seeing shortcomings feels so familiar to me. Is there a specific place you read this? I have also heard Ni as being tied to fatalism and I instantly resonated with that concept. I have very strong hunches about how things will unravel or how a person may react and I think it can seem really negative to Ne and Si types. I have been called judgmental by NPs and SJs but I often see them being passive aggressive in a sort of Karenish way that I don’t think they’re aware is rude or condescending.

  4. I find Fe polr types to be the most insensitive and willing to crack the most offensive jokes like racist,sexist stuff. Basically they like to laugh at other people’s expense. When Fi polr types make those jokes it’s because they’re being clever or ironic or it’s in service of proving a point.

  5. I think the question might be too open and unspecific for this reason. I think there are certain ways that will offend Fe users/valuers and certain that offend Fi users/valuers, so its hard to pin this on a few types only.

  6. Yeah it’s definitely too broad of a question to answer correctly. I mentioned the difference between Fi and Fe polr cracking jokes because I think Fi polr and Fe polr have different motives in risky joke telling. They are pretty different but I think get mixed up. But I’m definitely biased as a Te polr lol.

  7. All her boyfriends are unstable. It’s very frustrating

  8. Yes! Rory was messy at times but I think maybe the reason they didn’t give her a love interest that was on her level is because we’re supposed to be more invested in the trajectory of her life overall.

  9. It was mentioned in “The Vow” They are out of business now. It’s hard for a sex cult to sell its self with this bullshit with a straight face.

  10. Ooof not objectivity. Objective is what people say when they really really want you to believe their biased takes.

  11. Ahh yes Oy with the poodles already is a classic

  12. I’m neutral about Logan but if anything I find his antics dull. Tbh most “wild child” archetypes bore me though.

  13. I love Lorelai but it came across as desperate to me 😬

  14. Ahh yes I love it! I really wish GG had leaned into the Lynchian in more episodes.

  15. I have played with so many tinctures but prefer capsules bc they work faster for me. Idk if this is liver related bc of the alcohol in the tincture?

  16. I literally always think this! I don’t think I could take credit for something I didn’t make myself it would feel gross.

  17. Christopher can never get what he wants without pushing for it because he never does the work to build any of his relationships. He has a pretty strong victim mentality that everyone fed into his whole life. He was gross for sleeping with Lorelai given her emotional state at the end of season 6. If he really cared about her as a person and not just a sexual/romantic partner then he would’ve exercised some restraint. He should just admit that he blames Rory’s existence for his relationship with Lorelai falling apart when they were teenagers. It’s always the same song and dance with him. It would be nice if he actually showed an interest in Rory and being a good father but whatever.

  18. Whoa yeah he does have a strong victim mentality, I always just saw him as whiny but that’s a more accurate description. In the episode where Rory is making out with Logan at the wedding he’s like “I’m her father!” it just shows how out of touch he is with reality. And in leading up to marriage with Lorelai it seems like he’s more invested in locking her down and unconcerned with if they are actually a good fit together.

  19. Agreed!! He clearly can’t cope with his failures in life so he created this little bubble where he did the best he could as a dad 🙄I would’ve loved for someone to ask Christopher why he felt that Lorelai belonged with him because sharing a romantic history doesn’t mean there should be a future.

  20. They were lured in by the promise of personal growth and healing. A lot of people in wellness/self help spaces are sometimes desperate to change their lives. I can see how Nancy could have put them at ease since she is warm and seems passionate about her work. It’s disappointing that the ad ppl you work with are like Keith and not like Don Draper lol

  21. So I think Marty sucks for all of the reasons you stated except for only hating Logan bc he’s dating Rory. I think when Rory is first introduced to Logan Marty tells her that Logan and his friend are shitty people. Rory even called Logan out on it when they met the second time. I think Marty’s character at least in the beginning serves as a contrast to Logan’s immense wealth. Later on ofc Marty reveals himself as a creep.

  22. He wrote it out like that because otherwise no one would know who he is. It's not like Rory would have fond memories to share or anything.

  23. Are there are any examples of public figures or characters that exemplify that?

  24. I have to say, that was disappointing (some good reveals though). I only say that though because I don’t see how they plan to wrap it all up in an episode … just feel like it’d feel super rushed

  25. I don’t love how she referred to Lane as her Asian friend in the episode where she plans her birthday guest list 😬. I think a lot of people miss the point that Lorelai genuinely dislikes her mother’s bigoted POV. She doesn’t just think her mom is a big meanie for telling her what to do with her life which is what I’m usually seeing in the comments. Like they have fundamentally different philosophies about how people should be regarded.

  26. Do you know what context is and have you seen the episode?

  27. I’m curious as to how you came to the conclusion that Ne and Si is better at relationships.

  28. I would say she’s a great intern if her interest was to be an office manager. I don’t fault Rory b/c that short stint at the paper was far from an internship, more like a poorly constructed job shadow opportunity. In real life, none of what she did would make any sense to me.

  29. Totally agree this was an office manager internship and she did well even considering that.

  30. I just heard Sarah and nippy say that Nicki and her whole crew are all involved in some MLM and That’s how they’re making money 🥴 they didn’t give any other details

  31. I knew it they just have that MLM look ya know? 😂

  32. I don’t find him charismatic either, at least when he lays it on thick. I came to like him more in the last season bc he seemed more grounded

  33. Who gets to decide what’s “authentically Black?” Not a white dude named Nippy, that’s for fucking sure.

  34. fuck chris (just becauseof his looks lol), marry luke, kill Max (hes annoying)

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