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  1. I do a lot of pet sitting. One of the weirdest things I've experienced in my job is families that have children with names like Djiaxxyn and McBriynzhliee but their dog has a normal human name like George.

  2. I went weeks thinking one of my Facebook friends had the shittiest roommate named Jeff. Just completely out of control, destroying her property, causing a ruckus at all hours, even jumping on her while she tried to sleep.

  3. This never works because you legitimately can’t replicate the whole culture of unease and background fear inherent in being a woman. Saying things like this to men doesn’t tap into some deep part of the culture that leaves them feeling out of place and occasionally fearful.

  4. Right? Even the illustrations imply this, because the adult-shaped male cashier is so much bigger and stronger than the tiny, frail old lady.

  5. I thought it was ceramic tile at first which seemed like a bizarre choice for a bedroom, especially a child's although I've seen it in hot countries (nice and cool!).

  6. My vote is rug over laminate. If it were carpet tiles, there's very little reason for the completely disparate rug on top. But a weirdly patterned rug can help bring together a cold room with cold floors.

  7. Seems like a reflection of her parenting. Engage with your child bc you either have an agenda or a minute-long attention span for them, then discard when you’re done. Poor kid seems genuinely happy to be dancing with his mom, only to get literally flung to the side when she’s done making her clip.

  8. It would have been SO EASY to just clip that last second off but she honestly cannot see how fucking nuts she looks.

  9. Hey just like those kittens we always see around her house

  10. I gotta put this in the "possible" camp. In college we hosted a lot of parties, and it's like 90% the same people every time, so if you got one dude with lots of game, it's not that unlikely that the 5-10 girls there on a given night are the same slept with him at one over the last couple years.

  11. Same with small towns. I grew up with the same friend group for years, and breaks/holidays in college and our twenties were one big "meh, why not."

  12. This is what I was thinking. Wife needs help getting over being second best. What happened to you is terrible. I would suggest that you and your wife, at minimum, block the sister.

  13. The most awful issue is that she may have never been second best to anyone in her life besides her family.

  14. Sameeee I love these lipsticks but I have to drench my lips in warm melted coconut oil for this lipstick to budge

  15. Thank you! No gloss cause I don't like how it feels plus it's uncomfy for my hubby. 😅 It's literally just the Maybelline super stay matte liquid lip.

  16. Huh. In every shade, this is one of the most matte lipsticks I've ever worn, and it shows up matte on literally everyone I've ever seen.

  17. Wish I'd stayed home. It's loud here, my eyes are burning and dry. I could watch ABC in my PJs on the couch.

  18. My husband and I considered going out. We actually went to the liquor store for pregames, then saw the gym was open and went there instead. After, we played a boardgame, husband and dog fell asleep from watching TV, and my legs fell asleep from dog's weight on me.

  19. Oh no, I was in prime snark mode but this actually made me feel sad for her.

  20. Or, or, one better, adding the join link to one of the very first pages a student interacts with so she doesn't even have to manually send it. Or, even just a form that sends an email to alert her that's more specific than a student joining email.

  21. As someone who owns a small business, I automatically send a scheduling link to every customer when they sign up for their subscription.

  22. Thanks. I'm just worried the belly fat I have at the moment is unhealthy as

  23. Looking at your last pic, I can see that that's mostly loose skin as a result of your weight loss, not fat. Depending on genetics and age, it may shrink away or it may not. You can't work it off.

  24. Seriously. I'm like dude why?? He can hear you. You don't sound any better with it.

  25. As a scientist, I'm interested in how a mom's voice booming in surround sound while she's sitting two feet from a baby's developing ears affects the baby's perception. Not so interested that I'd ever attempt the experiment, because it's obviously not ethical, but....

  26. I mean, I wouldn't put it that way, but I really do think some folks are wired to prefer to date those who look "different" from them. I, being the "perfect" white person (according to certain pieces of shit in our society), have mostly dated outside of my race (every color of the rainbow, but mostly Indian, Middle Eastern, and Hispanic).

  27. Jsyk, "every color of the rainbow" is also some pretty messed up phrasing. Like, "haha I've even dated yellow people!" doesn't sound right, right?

  28. Yes! I have no issues with wedding photos being displayed, but not so huge so that they can become part of a collage wall or something. So that future family moments can also feature on your happy memories wall, not showing off that the only happy thing that's happened in your life was getting married.

  29. Right! I understand wanting to feature them, but the thing about them at this point in her life is.... She has a kid.

  30. Normal thirty year olds with successful lives don't have to come to Reddit to brag about their pants being off while their hot and spicy, explicitly child-sized, explicitly fetishized, Asian girlfriend makes them dumplings in between their million-dollar wins on online poker.

  31. Very well said. And calls people dicks for thinking he’s young 🤣

  32. I let him talk about fish and fossils, I always skip the bugs and he seems so relieved he doesn’t have to talk about them lol.

  33. I feel like your flair and PP's proposed flair mesh in a really synergistic, uhh, business bestie way.

  34. I got the bathroom Aquaphor, the bedroom Aquaphor, the kitchen Aquaphor, the car Aquaphor, and a bitty mini Aquaphor tub for my work bag because I be warshing my hands all day and all night long.

  35. Initially read car aquaphor as cat aquaphor, inspiration struck, and currently drawing up blueprints for a little Carmex satchel for my dog's collar. Bless your servant's heart and my servant's tired eyes making me unable to read ❤️❤️❤️

  36. Yup, they literally sent the invite. IMO as long as it's just an open house that you were purposely invited to, and as long as OP doesn't stink the place up, it's the exact same as the person who did an AMA after catering(?) a wedding, having known about the subreddit and the hosts beforehand.

  37. This reminds me of my 3-year-old nephew when my father dressed like Santa so I could take pictures of the niblings and some neighborhood kids. When Santa came in, they were all completely freaked and amazed, and we accomplished the whole Santa show for each kid with stars in their eyes.

  38. His subconcious mind just stole the wheel from him for a bit

  39. For me it was so heartening, because even though he still doesn't really know ( nephew's 8 now, so not only can my dad not stand in anymore, but it's probably nephew's last year for the entire Santa thing), he still felt that level of love and comfort for the afternoon of grandpa/ Santa being an amorphous blob of wholesome happy excitement.

  40. Mofo was scaling instead of just counting the difference.

  41. The black one cries and yowls and whines and barks and squeals when we see people. They fall on deaf ears.

  42. Crazy Rich Asians Forgetting Sarah Marshall 10 things I hate about you Can’t buy me love High Fidelity The Holiday Nothing hill

  43. My husband was like OP, v v against Rom Coms until we eased in together with some classics.

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