1. man, i sacrificed 9 seconds of my life reading this shit

  2. YTA. try being emotionally intelligent, you dumbfuck.

  3. YTA, and in fact if you did that to anyone that's actually not 16, they would've either completely cut you off or snapped at you.

  4. Well, you seem to notice your faults and also want help. A very narcissistic dude would never accept that he is at fault here and would never ask kindly for help. I know people who drew their whole life into the dump and I really mean that. There is a dude who had to sell his house, bought a car from it which was too expensive even tho he knew hw gonna lose his license because he did crap. But still bought it and sold it for 50% after 3 months!!!. He let his animals die from hunger because he ia careless. He spend 10k for fake sex chats because everything this dude is interested on ia on how to stimulate his small brain. He has 200kg overweight, lost all the money he got from the selling of the house which his dead dad left for him and now he is homeless. Guess what who is at fault? Not him.... thats what he is saying. Its always the others. "XY didnt helped me to get a new home" "police didt helped me" "my neighbour wanted to help me to feed my horse and now its dead" (it was his dads horse and in his huge garden. The neighbors had nothing to do with it. He just assumed that it gonna be feeded because one of them saw the animal getting thinner and wanted to help. He was like "alright" and never looked out for the animal again). Every female contact he has gets a D-Pic after just 5 minutes. 3minutes was the personal record. Yes... just after freshly chatting.

  5. i really did think i was doing something nice by lovebombing her, i didn't know it was not her fault that i was never loved enough and had to convey it in our relationship. i know i need to get my mind off of .. constantly thinking of her all the time, even though that's all that keeps me alive right now. but thank you for your time, i appreciate your words.

  6. why thank you, i'm a writer, and if i knew what to do i wouldn't be posting this haha.

  7. so are we also not knocking down misandry or does it not exist .ᐣ

  8. من حق الراجل يتجوز عليها

  9. حقو ماشي. بس غريبة يعني إنو هي الي تبقا بتدافع عن الحق دا فاهم :sweat_smile:

  10. to be fair it's just protecting the right, but it is also one's right to leave if she's not comfortable being a "first" wife to a second one.

  11. 6 years, barely 10 bucks to get a katarina skin.

  12. a virtual wallet with the benefits of mastercard is the easiest way i can describe it.

  13. I set my address to Maadi close to one of their branches during the sign up and received it next day, so try to change your address close to one of their branches and maybe you'll receive it quickly, I'm assuming the line is for people who live outside of Cairo as Telda did not expand further yet

  14. which bank? I keep forgetting if it's bank masr or banque de caire

  15. I actually got the haste but now I really want to return it, but I'm not sure if I can since I put the grip stickers on. :(

  16. ion think i'm fast enough, probably need MORDEX.

  17. Vietnamese server might give both you and her an acceptable ping if you're already playing on EUNE, but idk how restrictive it is for non-Vietnamese residents and requires using Garena's services. China would be ideal but not really possible for non-residents to get accounts

  18. is there a way to check the ping before downloading garena? because i'm sure there was a command in cmd before, right?

  19. It's much harder since Riot switched to their own networking solutions, so there's usually no central server to ping. I only know one for NA that still works after I did a bunch of digging around, but no clue wrt other servers

  20. then, would i have to redownload the game or will it detect game files?

  21. gotta love the cultural discussions in the comments LMAO

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