1. Try to open a few other games. Just to make sure that it's the game itself that was damaged, and not Steam.

  2. All my other games work, it is just shotgun king that is the issue

  3. Some Yo-Yos are made like that check the packaging and/or online desc

  4. It wasn’t always like this though. The problem started after i switched strings

  5. Isn't ot that you can't use powers in challenge editor?

  6. You can publish the challenge with powers enabled and then replay it

  7. I use the fandom one mostly, what's the difference

  8. The top one has virtually no adds and is actually accurate because they aren’t updating fandom anymore

  9. Getting turtle armor/terrablade makes the fight a hell of a lot easier, even with his buff

  10. I feel that charge is just better if you can hit your shots. One full charge can take out the projectile which just makes the fight way easier.

  11. The robes are a chest piece and will have to get rid of the creeper chest. Also, robes aren’t very square

  12. The cloaks and capes are the ones you put in the accessory slots

  13. It will always stop it in prehardmode. You can’t stop the Crimson V

  14. ok so this meme never made sense to me, based on the way the paths flow, shouldn't both castles be switched around?

  15. One time I saw a comment saying how the original image is switched like you said, but one day someone switched the sides and it hasn’t been the same since.

  16. They should make that debuffs to other classes aswell tho

  17. Yeah on second thought, maybe 9 Terraprismas turning isn’t a good idea. It would be funny on the getfixedboi seed

  18. I'm going to pretend I haven't been running around with the Warrior Emblem and Titan Glove for ages... Thank you, I had no idea that the mechanical glove existed.

  19. If you have a magma stone, you can combine them for the Fire Gauntlet

  20. I don't, but now I have something to go hunting for!

  21. Also, if you care more about defense (or playing the superior summoner) and are in a crimson world, go for the berserker’s glove by combining the power glove with the flesh knuckles.

  22. Maybe but I think bats can still spawn. I could be wrong though

  23. 2% is the master drop rate. It’s 1% percent other wise I believe but i would need to double check.

  24. Master and Expert mode share the same drop rates, so it is 2% on both

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