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  1. I have a beautiful pit his name is patch he’s 10 years old and has never harmed another living thing he’s the sweetest dog ever all dogs have the ability to hurt someone

  2. All the men in the comments fighting tooth and nail for grandpa Leo’s right to date someone who graduated high school 1 year ago lmao. 🚩

  3. I literally hate the fact you can’t marry any high elves or have them as followers. I understand they’re the “enemy” of the game but there are outliers in any group. And not all high elves are apart of the dominion.

  4. I think you can marry one of the sisters in Solitude but I could be wrong

  5. I should also add this game caters to straight men so I’ll pass on that 😂

  6. I know you got your answer but I just have to say those spiders are gorgeous.

  7. Go shine your virtue signaling elsewhere. I'm not erasing anyone, Shadowheart and Gale are clearly bi. Astarion, however, doesn't seem to be.

  8. Gale is very straight and Shadow might be bi. I could see that. Not sure why you’re so convinced both of them are bi though. As you said, they’re player sexual.

  9. OP I understand wanting to avoid full-time, permanent work. But I would do as others suggested and find anyone you can who will let you stay with them for a bit until you get a job and save money for a new car. At worst, stay at a shelter.

  10. That’s rough but if you take it one step at a tine you can get through it. Reach out out to whatever friends and family you’ve got, explain your situation, ask if you can stay on a couch for a little bit until you get back on your feet. I’d prioritize getting a full time (no gig economy) job quickly, then work on upgrading living situation. People want to help and if they see you turning things around they’ll feel good about helping you. You may need to store the car someplace until you can replace the battery, but that’s not uncommon.

  11. This. Or at least if OP can work somewhere long enough until they make enough to buy a used car for a couple thousand maybe. Sometimes people can’t do full time non-gig work because of anxiety. It isn’t ideal but currently there aren’t a whole lot of accommodations for people with our disorder in the work place.

  12. i havent made it yet i was just unable to figure out how i ahould cut the tulle so i asked here i guess i didnt make it obvious in the post 😅

  13. Yea I noticed right after I posted haha. It’s still really cute though!

  14. Drinking lots of water and consuming collagen (bone broth and supplements) has made a noticeable difference in my skin and it’s so easy. Using a mask in the shower most days as well as an AHA cream. My skin is literally flawless.

  15. Never thought of using a mask in the shower! Gotta try that.

  16. Thank you for the advice I shall take it to heart. I always hear about the fuck it 40s, but would love to try to embody that mindset a bit earlier. I read somewhere that ex-retail workers have the easiest time dealing with negative situations due to perfecting their faux-happy voice. I have to practice that, stupid and cheerful.

  17. I know you posted this a while ago but I see this first hand with my own mom who’s in her 50’s! She’s been that way since I was a kid, just super friendly and bubbly in the face of nasty people, and not at all in a passive aggressive way. It’s truly inspiring as someone who’s quick to anger like myself if I feel insulted in any way. Definitely stick up for yourself if someone comes at you but I think the killing with kindness approach is better for your mental health and ultimately your beauty. Stress adds age.

  18. I second bangs. It would equal everything out if OP doesn’t want to get an entire rhino to fix things. She’d look super pretty with bangs.

  19. How is your cat doing now? Did the Aminivast help her?

  20. She’s doing great now and I’m so sorry to hear about your kitty. It’s so scary when they get hospitalized and you have no idea how to help them, but she can and will improve even if she’s at the worst stage.

  21. You should check out dearpeachie on youtube! Asian style make up takes your features into account and is so flattering. They give simple to follow tutorials and not just for make up.

  22. No shit that’s why my profile says DONT SEND ME DICK PICS

  23. That’s so disgusting. I’m sorry some pedophile sent you that. Definitely report him.

  24. A nation of people in therapy is a good start, but then how do we address EVERYTHING in our culture that is driving us all to so badly need help with our mental health. Therapy is great but if you cant change or help the things that drive you there its not really going to be effective

  25. I feel like it’s our work culture. We’re one of the most overworked nations with little to no breaks.

  26. It's not just you, its that broadly speaking the restaraunts here are tailored to a less cultured palate. GR isnt a proper city in the way of the food scene IMO. Even taking reccs on places considered "solid local spots" feels like a 50/50 gamble sometimes. All that said, the one place I've had solid pasta in this city outside my own home was at Palio Ristorante on MI ave. They've been really slow since pandemic, but the pasta & pizza I've had the 2x I went were consistently higher quality than I've had elsewhere around town (did not do any cream based sauces tho so cant vouch). Everything tastes as if it were made in house, so if it turns out it's not, they're doing a very solid job of doctoring it up. I wouldn't call the prices expensive, but not cheap. It's value for the quality imo.

  27. I don’t mind expensive, I just really miss having a good bowl of fettuccini alfredo. Makes more sense I haven’t been able to find it for the reasons you mentioned. I’ll give them a go, ty!

  28. Florentine's way out on 28th Street SW makes their own pasta, and IIRC their fettuccini Alfredo was amazing. It's been a minute since I've been there.

  29. Probably a 10 tbh. I’m highly neurotic and have to make sure I’m doing CBT every day. I’m not on meds so I also make sure I’m eating properly and exercising.

  30. 48 in the first pic and 43 in the second. You have great skin either way!

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