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  1. i wonder why HS2 has no actual word on progress being made when everyone on twitter and here bullied them into silence. it's no wonder why the writers aren't talking about it.

  2. Nah haha - have you read this dudes lyrics? He’s into being praised like a rock god by groupie girls

  3. since when do lyrics always represent what the artist believes? he wrote a song about stalking a girl. does that make him a stalker now too?

  4. You wouldn't be able to go on anything since you're under 18. But cost wise, it depends. I go to a community health clinic since i don't have insurance and I'm pretty poor. I don't pay more than $7 out of pocket for my HRT, and my blood tests are free on the on-clinic lab.

  5. As someone who learns languages primarily through resources outside of Duolingo (as you should if you're serious about learning a language lol a lot of Duolingo's courses are used to prepare you for a vacation lmao.) and only use Duolingo for practice and grammar practice more than to learn a language. I do not see a problem with the new tree at all. I like it. What i don't like that i miss about the old tree is that you were forced to practice the basics and older lessons, you don't have to anymore unless you want to. Which most people don't and won't.

  6. Yeah that makes sense, and other resources are definitely necessary. The only part that sucks is Duo has a few obscure/made up languages and you can’t find much outside of here

  7. That is also true. As someone who prioritizes learning endangered and not well known languages first before others, I appreciate Duolingo for having the option.

  8. Don't forget those that have old tree in the app and new path in the browser!!

  9. I don't want to think about that... I keep getting updates for my app telling me the new path is here then i update it and it's not lmao, I'm so tired of this app and i don't even use it to learn consistently, just for reviews and practice with my own learning. I can't imagine this is any good for people who actually expect to learn a full language from it.

  10. A small part of me is still hoping thay it's also available on PC like Forspoken, but 6 months doesn't sound too bad unless they wait longer to release it on other platforms.

  11. It will. FF7 remake came out on pc. Sony also has been opening to porting to PC a LOT the past few years. Any chance this game won't come out on PC at all is extremely small. But I guess it can happen.

  12. Yoshida already confirmed that when an Eikon dies, they could not show up for up to a hundred years, but at the start of XVI all of them are alive.

  13. I do like that theory, but I'm privy to believe that the dominant will probably be some random person from the iron kingdom that doesn't speak common that the leader uses to do his work. Also a trope, but I think it'd fit the theme of the game and the story they seem to be trying to tell better.

  14. I'll gladly take it off your hands since you don't want it anymore.

  15. Dang. Seems bold to do this with them hinting how much is riding on the this game selling well.

  16. Eh. You'd be surprised what impatience can do. I've definitely almost bought consoles when i shouldn't have because of impatience.

  17. I don't like BTS, like, at all. But i do really like this event! It's been really fun, and i like the pseudo rhythm game they've added.

  18. Agreed. This is so jarring to hear about figures like JBP or Andrew Tate or whatever this week’s incel demagogue is. Have you tried talking to these people before? They fucking shut down in an instant and start crying that their jawline or their eye shape is preventing them from acquiring a suitable mate or some dumb shit. These guys aren’t making men feel valued—they’re making them feel victimized.

  19. Yeah this is literally what "inceldom" has become. Ever since like 2014-2015 it has completely shifted from people talking about genuine and realistic worries and insecurities they have about not getting laid to complete victimization circle-jerks. It's incredibly sad but to me it's also funny because these are the people that say that every leftist just wants to be a victim and every leftist calls themself a victim or whatever.


  21. I can make the argument because it categorically isn't censorship. I've played both P5 and P5R. It is literally still in the game, the same joke and all, the text is just changed to make them drag queens. It works the same, has the same punchline and all. It is such a meaningless thing to be this upset over when it is literally the same in every way except a meaningless text change that all around changes nothing.

  22. Dude, it is literally the same punchline, same set-up, and same pay-off. It just changes it from rape/ sexual assault to cross-dressing.

  23. Am I the only one that thinks Minecraft should release a mini gameplay trailer or explanation for what each thing actually does. Like we get very vague descriptions everytime. I'm voting for sniffer personally just because I want new plants but like if we know the loot pool of the rascal and range and stuff I would consider changing my vote. With the tuff golem they say if it wins we can have an art expo or something along those lines, does that mean new pictures and stuff or is it just the tuff golems?? I mean what's the size of sniffer, is it rideable, what are it's new plants, does it do anything with crops. They just leave it so vague that the community complains no matter what wins because everyone has a different idea of what they all might do. Also I feel like they should have a hostile mob everytime imo, also mobs aren't exactly hard to add I mean people make mods with much more complex mobs way faster than Mojang. I feel like for the mob vote we should vote one out or something and get the 2 most useful but I'm aware that will probably never happen.

  24. what i don't get is why they even do mob votes in the first place. like i'm sure no one would complain if they added all 3 mobs every time. idk why we have to do this stupid community engagement stuff as if minecraft's community is dying and doesn't engage with mojang at all.

  25. i've been having this same issue since day 1 and have literally no idea what the problem is :/

  26. Mine finished.... supposedly... It told me reset game, did so, got my character but none of literally anything else. But apparently I'm still in the queue?? And yes, my queue number keeps bouncing up and down as well

  27. you guys get a queue number?? i get nothing. it just tells me merge is ready and to close my game. i do and come back and it's just the same thing.

  28. and Witch on the Holy Night, that gets an english release within the next year.

  29. the problem with grapefruit and medicine in general is that it makes your stomach acid too strong and dissolves it more than its supposed to as far as i understand. so deodorant should be fine even if it contained the acid which it probably doesnt

  30. Ah thank you so much. This actually does help a lot.

  31. The author announced that the development of the game was suspended due to the current world situation (The game has russians characters) so theorically, you'll have to wait the end of the war first. I don't think the game is ever going to get finished personally

  32. i don't think she'll finish any of her games to be honest :/. i've been a fan since i was in middle school and that was way back in 2012-2013, ever since then it's just been announcement after announcement then nothing lol.

  33. Man I wish they would just offline it. There's a lot of content, and it would feel like such a waste to see it disappear forever:/

  34. yeah exactly :/ i just got back into dragalia since back when it released, with the original end-of-service message a couple months ago and now i'm back to where i was grinding the story to know what happens. i'd like to take my time and experience it slowly like it's meant to be, not rush it all because they won't even offline the story.

  35. Just "Sunny." If a game gives me a name to use for a character I always use it. I hate using my name and giving characters names I think up rips me out of the immersion to be honest.

  36. so many hills to die on and they chose kiwifarms

  37. It's mutahar the man tries and fails like every video to not be a rightist lol. Of course he was going to die on this hill

  38. a week is being too generous, she'll be back in like a day.

  39. I’m not a doctor, but 20mg seems pretty high to start up again in if you haven’t taken it for a year. Are you able to cut it in half and try 10mg for a few days/a week? I usually see others starting at 5mg or 10mg

  40. Yeah I was actually gonna try that tomorrow lol. i thought it was pretty high as well, but I was always fine upping to 20mg so I didn't think I'd finally feel intense side effects like this lol

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