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  1. Some people think it takes jobs away from people and they want to make sure people have jobs.

  2. I'm sure people said the same thing about automobiles and computers.

  3. That’s cool, but can I just get some healthcare?

  4. Throwing money at it won't solve the problem.

  5. I feel like Harold Ramis would have walked out of the theater watching it. Ghostbusters isn't sappy in anyway and trying to give an emotional sendoff to Eegon is like trying to make an emotional Animal House reunion.

  6. "Ghostbusters isn't sappy in any way..."

  7. I think the same goes for the Kardashians.

  8. Mr. Steinbrenner as played by Larry David.

  9. Iron Mike in his prime. Only guy I could see knocking him out would be Foreman but Mike would destroy him first.

  10. For me, it was the test of whether or not I'd pursue a relationship with a girl. If I still wanted her in the room afterwards, I knew I liked her for her, not the sex.

  11. I've been to Logan many times and the bathroom were fine.

  12. Long haired bro here, going on 20 years. I cut my hair short once, to try it out because i was getting a new job. Growing it back out was a pain, especially the shaggy stage where i had to wear a hat all the time (im not a hat person)

  13. "especially the shaggy stage where i had to wear a hat all the time"

  14. This is where the type of friendship is so important.

  15. You know how sometimes someone will say their car is "wrecked" or "totaled" but the damage doesn't look that bad? This isn't one of those.

  16. He really fucked up portraying Norma. She wanted a baby so bad but physically couldn't carry a baby to term. Having her get an abortion is completely untruthful but doing it to shoehorn some probirth bullshit was the dingleberry on the shit sandwich

  17. The book that it's based on isn't a biography. Both are a fictional retelling of her life.

  18. They're playing the Broncos. Check back when they're playing a good or exciting team.

  19. It was a warcrime then and now. In fact I believe these extrajudicial killings were known all the way up the chain of command, even reaching the desk of George S. Patton, who deliberately chose not to prosecute them. Mark Felton on YouTube made a video all about this. Search for "Liberating Dachau 1945" to find it.

  20. Why not more often? I don't get this. If I loved somebody and they weren't being an asshole, I would do it just for them, go through the motions, do oral and similar. Is it such a big sacrifice? I would want to make my partner happy. I'm a man btw.

  21. I can only speak for myself, but I'd get no pleasure in it knowing that my partner wasn't enjoying it.

  22. I have an understanding with my girlfriend that we would gladly do it for each other, cause we consider it necessary to be happy in a relationship.

  23. That's the most important thing. That both people are on the same page

  24. Of course, it’s their way of signaling they’re ready for breeding.

  25. In the animal kingdom, it's called "presenting".

  26. When I got married (a decade ago), my husband thought I was crazy falling asleep to the same movie every night (Hunt for Red October). I explained that it was a movie I was so familiar and comfortable with, that my mind didn't have to engage with paying attention to dialogue or action because I knew what was going to happen and it helped me get to sleep faster.

  27. My absolute number one fall asleep movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey. The pacing is so slow that it never fails to put me right out.

  28. As someone who works in manufacturing this will never work with us… i’m there 50 hours a week and I feel like I still don’t get everything I need to get done.

  29. In response to your edit: it really is. Also, if you think we slack off on Fridays, wait till you hear about productivity on the weeks of Thanksgiving and Xmas.

  30. I never understood this for office workers.

  31. None of that has been true for any of the salaried jobs I've had (including my current one). You're expected to be there only during standard business hours (unless there's a meeting with someone in a different time zone). In my current position, weekend work is extremely rare and even when it comes up, it's always optional. Just because you don't get paid hourly doesn't mean there's no structured work schedule.

  32. I know that his comments are the actual news here, but what the fuck is West doing with a face mask and a bikers jacket on?

  33. I'm still not ruling out the possibility that he's trying to pull off some kind of Andy Kaufman-like performance art.

  34. Depending on when you watched it, you might need to rewatch season 1 when you start honestly lol, can either be a negative or positive for some people but the show gets infinitely more complex starting in S2 even if paying attention

  35. That's a negative for me. I can't relax and enjoy a show if I'm constantly straining to catch and remember every single thing.

  36. I was really worried we were going to get a deepfake Chadwick either for a quick death scene, or in the ancestral plane, so I really respect Coogler and Marvel for not going that route.

  37. When Shuri was approaching that chair, I thought for sure it was going to be Boseman. I kinda wish they did it just for the theater reaction.

  38. Personal opinion. They should have recast T'Challa. I think the character is way too important to just sideline like that.

  39. To your second point: it's totally possible they approached MBJ about coming back to take over the throne but he wasn't interested. He doesn't seem like the type of actor who would want to be tied down to a character long term like the MCU requires.

  40. Trying to find a partner before I hit my 30s. I'm a single guy with no kids, no desire to be a step dad to someone else's, and the pool of single women my age is already pretty dried up in terms of single women with no kids yet, the types I'm looking for are few and far-between, and it seems like a pipedream nowadays.

  41. If it helps, I'm married with a couple kids and didn't meet my wife until my mid 30's.

  42. "If it smells like dog shit everywhere you go, check your shoe."

  43. Is the translation of the quote saying' "maybe you're the problem" or do you mean to use it some other way? (Kinda confused)

  44. No, you got it. If you're having problems with manager after manager, you need to look at the common denominator.

  45. I'm honestly not sure why everyone on Reddit is fixated on hating the movie, it looks fun. And let's face it-- the Mario series has never been known for having deep lore or complex well developed characters.

  46. My 5 year old is the biggest Mario fan and has been out of his mind excited ever since this was announced. I was excited for him but after seeing the trailers, I'm absolutely psyched to see it myself.

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