1. I was called a conspiracy theorist in here last week for saying that Disney is likely pushing for these articles to be written and posted to social media.

  2. More likely the 1000 different media sites write Star Wars articles for clicks, and then people/bots share them here for upvotes.

  3. Strange World seems to have had poor marketing. Barely saw any tv or online ads for it, and didn't get enough info on it to understand what is was about or why I should be interested.

  4. Yeah, he doesn't realize how much power Apple has. They added one feature in IOS and

  5. Well, this is the kind of thing that makes certain members of Congress want to break up big tech because it shows how much power these companies have, and hints at the way it could be severely abused.

  6. I hope he gets hit by the meteor that makes the crater.

  7. Monday Headline: "Browns QB accidentally sodomized by the First Down Marker."

  8. I would bet $44B that Elon is grossly misrepresenting what Apple actually did/said.

  9. Whomever said markets are forward looking and efficient is a dumb ass hoe bag.

  10. "It's not's everyone else who is an idiot!"

  11. Or just let everyone else spend all the hours learning and researching stocks and sweating over timing and outperform most of them anyway by just buying the index and DCA over the long term.

  12. People will believe the most insane things if it fits their preferred narrative.

  13. That looks like a Sin City poster with the picture and text changed.

  14. They really did it, they made a bill so stupid that both the left and the right oppose it in real-time.

  15. The right opposes this? I thought they would be the ones pushing it since it could potentially limit the ability of kids to access LGBTQ+ info/support, which seems to be one of their big rallying cries these days.

  16. No recommendations for gloves BUT You might want to look at getting a waist leash for extra security with the leash. I absolutely love them.

  17. Just beware: hard pulling on a waist leash is hard on the lower back. For emergencies it is fine, but if you have a constant puller you could get a bad back. I know this from experience!

  18. Random question - have you tried a cross body leash, and if so is that better? I ask because I stopped using a waist leash after my dog ran after a squirrel and nearly pulled me in half lol. But I still would love a hands free option!

  19. I've tried a leash that has grommets (the reinforced rings) that could be used to loop around your body, arm, shoulder, etc but found it awkward and uncomfortable for a heavy puller especially since it caused tangling with my second dog's leash. I tried a waist leash after that but then had back pain from the pulling. In general the higher up the leash was wrapped around me the more it could potentially pull me over.

  20. Social situations: ask them to stick to talking about family and friends and leave the politics stuff aside. Or if they're too into it then change the subject yourself by asking about family. How are the kids? Johnny is in high school now, right? He still play baseball?

  21. Russian attacks will create disproportional Russian casualties for sure, but are the Russians hitting the area with a lot of artillery? I assume that's where a lot of the Ukrainian casualties are coming from.

  22. True, but also if you were to put 6k annually to Roth IRA having average growth of 5%, in 40yrs you would have ~$750k producing ~$38k in dividends (5%) each year.

  23. In 40 yrs $38K is not going to seem like nearly as much as it does today.

  24. The one issue to think about is whether or not a dividend strategy like this will perform better overall than just buying the index, letting that grow over the years (and DRIP the dividends in that too) and then at or near retirement just sell it all to buy dividend stocks and then live off the dividends and never sell any stock, thus preserving it for future generrations.

  25. We laugh but I bet if you wore this thing packed with doughnuts to a festival you would be very popular.

  26. Reminds me of a lyric from a Benny Hill song: "At the Streaker's Ball":

  27. Depends on whether you wore it on your hip or against your crotch. And depends on the fesrtival!

  28. One defense of the banks: when they made these predictions no one knew that Russia was going to invade Ukraine (most still thought it was posturing) and turn the energy (and to a lesser extent food) market upside down and double inflation.

  29. I'm fine with people not liking the show as long as it's a real difference of opinion and not just some of these anti-Disney nuts or the smug "I don't like anything unless it's obscure" snobs out there.

  30. It’s maddening. The whole DCM thing had really opened my eyes to how unregulated the pet food industry is, and how easy it is for misinformation to be pushed to sell a product. I think there is an interesting link between misinformation about human nutrition that gets carried over by owners to their pet’s good, and gets exploited by unethical food producers. Both the pet food industry and the human supplement industry need a lot more regulation and active pursuit of consequences for companies and people who are violating those regs.

  31. Think of how much more regulated the human food and nutrution industry is...and look at the incredible amounts of misinfo about THAT out there.

  32. S2 after the initial mystery was solved really went off the rails when David Lynch left. That part of the show/series is considered the weakest by far.

  33. I'm interested in seeing if they actually do hold rates as inflation drops, or if the recession ends up more painful than they predicted and they get under pressure to drop rates since inflation is down to around the 3% range.

  34. Are they? Its not saying its the same price. Its saysing they increased lower than the cost of inflation

  35. I remember seeing a chart like this a couple of years ago and I was surprised about cars, so I went and looked at some car prices from decades prior and yes indeed: car prices have only gone up about at the rate of inflation.

  36. Hey Lamar: sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

  37. Devils advocate here, just to be clear I do not agree with what they are protesting and I think they're too gullible to fall for this clownshow.

  38. Protests are ultimately about trying to get action or change. They do not inherently need to be "disruptive" although being disruptive is one way to force others to pay attention and act on it one way or another.

  39. I read this at first as Omicron BBQ variants. For a second I thought “Finally, some good news.”

  40. I read it as Omicron Bloc Quebecois COVID variants, and thought it was something circulating in Quebec.

  41. It's really incredible how humans have the propensity to see patterns in...holy shit, it DOES look like Michael Jackson!

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