1. no i mean kanna. i have kanna plants and they have thick succulent leaves, light green with a point at the tip, basically just normal kanna. how many of these leaves would one chew? or is everyone here trying to feel like they’re on MDMA by snorting/smoking 50x extract or something? im curious in the potential medicinal aspects of these plants for treating things like depression and not to get high on them (although a little of that is ok too)

  2. That last bit made me laugh 😆 idk why all the confusion over spelling it "canna" instead of kanna. How big are your plants? About the same size as the ones in the link?

  3. benzos and kratom will only make you dependent on them and much more anxious upon any attempted discontinuation. mindfulness, exercise, a well balanced diet, and consistent sleep may be the only sustainable things for anxiety. if its bad magnesium, and vitamin C might help. drugs like Soma are less risky. and for the love of God stay away from phenibut and its derivatives. that drug almost ruined me permanently

  4. in reality it is likely too much water (your studio needs some reverb dampening) and not enough light (its filled with cold dark digital synths)

  5. I can’t even tell what I’m looking at in that picture which makes me wonder if this is just a shitpost.

  6. So a literal shitpost. Well done.

  7. indeed it is :) thank you for your long answer tho! im sorry you took the time to write it for something so useless

  8. beautiful! is that leafy succulent in the cactus family? if so what species?


  10. the slow fading is a sign your plant is still healthy late in its life cycle. a more rapid shift from green to yellow and decaying at this stage might indicate the plant could have taken more nutrients earlier in its life cycle. yours looks good considering the time of year. the chlorophyll degrades leaving anthocyanins behind, the same chemicals to color blueberries and onions. these act as antioxidants if you ingest them

  11. Dawg.... Nooo..... Don't harvest in the daylight and don't wet trim man.... Unless you like the flavour of grass you do you... But come on... to see someone grow some fire nd then fuck up on the harvest sucks to watch

  12. thats the least of OP’s problems rn. they didnt even wait till the harvest window

  13. Ya right... I'm getting downvoted by abunch of old timers who harvest premature weed this is hilarious.

  14. sounds like some bullshit id come up with on an analog modular synthesizer

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