1. When I was a kid, I went with a friend to a Yugioh tournament our card shop holds every month. He’s gone many times but it was my first (lost first round but, meh).

  2. Most likely a drive issue, or an issue with the motherboard. A BIOS update might fix the issue, but unlikely, but give it a try anyway.

  3. In case any of the first issues happens to be the case, I would need tech support to check the hardware, right?

  4. "I'm studying to be a Security Professional." "I'm a Security Professional." Leave the hacker term for those who understand or you want to explain.

  5. The term hacker didn't even originally mean what people tend to think it does. Hacking originally was just getting systems to do unintended things.

  6. Dude what!? A Bachelors in psychology is not a credential for teaching or providing therapy. Not exactly sure what it is you're doing out there with that degree..

  7. Why it seems that at a lot of Americans believe their country is the only one in the planet and every single other country has the exact same laws and requirements to do a job as theirs? Seriously, to this point, sounds like a joke.

  8. This is an awfully general take for someone who is supposed to be versed in counseling and education. You’re blaming your audience for not conforming to your style instead of diving deeper to find what makes them tic.

  9. I’m blaming people because they would rather hold to information discredited over 50 years ago. Simple as that. It’s not my style, it’s literally people rejecting information because they would rather stick to their ideals.

  10. If you live outside of the US in a really touristic country, you can bet this feeling is alive and harder than ever.

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