1. I think OOP n her husband are both devil in this case. They jumped in something without thinking of consequences.

  2. This should be ranked like Olympics where 1 Gold is better than shit load of silvers. So Germany, Portugal, Spain above Belgium

  3. Not quite a hard boundary, but generally when I'm going upstairs I'm in "house" mode and not "outside" mode.

  4. Is your downstairs just main door and staircase? Or are there other things like kitchen, bathroom n living room downstairs too?

  5. OP: "should I grill or fry the chicken?"

  6. He is a big clown. He also pretends Barcelona didn't give out lifetime contracts.

  7. Didn't Atletico also give a lifetime or a decade long contract to Saul or Koke?

  8. Same reason Roman poured money in Chelsea, same reason FSG kept buying new GK, same reason Utd spends £200m every summer. It's investment in the game. If you invest enough money, people will start watching and hopefully the investment will pay itself off in few years.

  9. Who wants to bet that the "crack" in the shoulder was a minor scratch that you would barely even notice?

  10. Crack on shoulder definitely sounds like a cosmetic defect for a doll that lights up n makes noises

  11. My rent is 2,489$. And I live in a tiny ass one bedroom apartment. New York is not worth it… either that or move into a house further away from the city.

  12. Which area and how small is the apt? I personally know people who live on Upper East side in 1B 500sqft apt for $800 less

  13. Further evidence that bad guys don't follow weapons laws. (Not that knives are any good for self defence anyway, so even if the victim had been allowed to carry one for defence he'd almost certainly still be dead).

  14. "A jury at the Old Bailey found him not guilty of murder but guilty of the lesser alternative charge of manslaughter."

  15. I might be very wrong but I assumed murder requires planning

  16. It's one thing to keep faith in your favourite player before a big tournament, but picking Maguire now when he has been nowhere close to starting XI after being terrible for most of last season is absurd. He isn't even a "young" player who would do well with consistent training with national team. Tomori should check if he can still represent another country cause there is no point of waiting for England call up when Southgate will never give new players chance.

  17. They had to use "old lady" there, lol

  18. What did Napoli fans say when the govt announced ban on Frankfurt fans?

  19. UEFA really screwed up. Conference League 1st season was a points dumbest.

  20. Am I just poor or do rich people really go house hunting in multiple "countries"? I initially thought it was "counties" but it does say countries and they talk about moving to a different country. I always assumed even the rich people decide the country first (based on weather, food, cheap labour, etc.) and then pick a house to live-in.

  21. Saturday June 10th. Mark your calendars, cancel all other plans.

  22. What is a "real" image anyways? Lenses n sensors have always been limited and will be limited in future as well. So are our eyes limited to just small spectrum of radiation.

  23. What's worse? Spurs not hiring someone to look after their loaned out players or the person in charge forgetting Winks?

  24. What does "European Leagues" do anyway? Also, what were these massive differences that Tebas had to take La Liga out rather than just shut up n vote against it

  25. Pretty stupid IMO. Pep made first changes when city was 5-0 up n Haaland has scored 4. Then to sub him off less than 10 mins later when he has scored another n on verge of double hat trick feels petty

  26. And if Haaland had picked up even the slightest knock in those extra minutes the world would be calling Pep an idiot. Good call by Pep, people will find anything to criticize.

  27. So injury wasn't a concern at 5-0 (6-1) but suddenly became an issue at 6-0 (7-1)?

  28. I don't know if this is the right post for this but what happens if a player gets a red card while being substituted but hasn't left the field yet. Does the team play with 10 men or does the player get a red as if he was on the bench?

  29. Team plays with 10. I do remember seeing one incident where the player being subbed off got 2nd yellow for time wasting

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