1. I love metal, but I can't stand the "singing" of death metal.

  2. Billy Mays. Yes he was a E-rank celebrity only appearing in commercials, but he was iconic.

  3. It's shaped like the mushrooms you're on right now.

  4. No, I like a heated blanket.

  5. Lock them in a room and play Baby by Justin Bieber on repeat. Keep them locked up for at least 24 hours and ensure that the music is blasting. Also, tie the person up or put them in handcuffs behind their back so they cannot plug their ears.

  6. Have children. Make your genetic material your mark.

  7. I'm just happy Tom Brady has retired.

  8. I agree that he is a great player, potentially the best QB of all time. I always liked Eli Manning when he used to play for the Giants. The Giants beat the Patriots a few times in the Super Bowl in the 2000s. You cannot like both the Giants and the Patriots during that time.

  9. The purpose of a straight jacket is to keep the clinically insane from hurting themselves and others. Piece of Mind Eddie is not only wearing a straight jacket, but is also chained to the wall restraining him further.

  10. Or quick save get quest and load if wrong.

  11. "Diversity." 13.6% of Americans are black, and I am all for that number to be represented in things like movies and TV shows. Making 80% of the main characters in movies and shows black, like Disney's new live action The Little Mermaid. I'm not saying have no black leading characters. I'd say 10 to 15% would be a good amount. Make it represent actual numbers if you want diversity.

  12. Modded Skyrim. It's still only one game Skyrim but I can switch out the mods. I could play SkyWind (Morrowind in the Skyrim engine), SkyBlivion (Oblivion in the Skyrim engine), Enderall, and more all with mods.

  13. Go to one of those Brazilian meat restaurants.

  14. Infinity is a concept, not a number.

  15. 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923 (I only have 65 digits memorized)

  16. Psychology. You need a doctorate to practice Psychology, yet a bunch of people get 2 year and 4 year degrees and don't go all the way and end up with a useless piece of paper.

  17. Hydration. Lots and lots of hydration. Also, hydrate before and during drinking to avoid the hangover in the first place.

  18. True, the hangover headaches are caused by brain dehydration. Also, hydrating before drinking is better as alcohol is a diuretic.

  19. ...I see, the "you never get a hangover if you're always drunk" type.

  20. Viking. I would rather encounter a pirate than a beserking viking killing everything in his path.

  21. Slapstick (IE: The 3 Stooge) and stupid comedy like Monty Python and Spaceballs.

  22. You cannot compare to other countries because they were founded in different ways. The second amendment was included in the constitution because Britain didn't want us to rebel so they tried to prevent us from having the guns to rebel. Stricter gun laws may work in 98% of other countries, but 99% of those countries were not founded by a rebellion like the US

  23. Laws change all the time, constitutions too. It's ridiculous to see all the gun-deaths and using a 300 year old constitution to say "can't change".

  24. That's why I brought up case law. More recently certain things have been established in court rooms.

  25. Pretend to know the person and try make them get as little of their script as possible.

  26. Technically for periods of time where I have eaten nothing, like between lunch and dinner, I have been vegan and didn't eat animal products. Meat tastes so good I cannot stay that way though.

  27. This one's name is Dar'Han. He was a poor Khajiit living in Bruma. He used to beg for money, and they would always say that they had no coin, but he could hear the rattling of coins in their pockets. One day after the usual response, Dar'Han followed behind the Imperial, he was determined to get a few Septims. He found his hand in the Imperial's pocket but so did the Imperial. He found himself being taken to prison rather quickly.

  28. I like to tell the story from Dar'Han's perspective. It originally began just as a name. I had heard of Khajiit honorary titles, and wanted a Khajiit thief. Then I thought about the "how." How did Dar'Han come to Skyrim? How did he earn the title of Dar? How did he get his thievery skills to gain the title? That is how I created his backstory. It's a bit lengthy, but it makes sense, and it doesn't revolve around him being Dragonborn.

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