1. The question of cultural appropriation can be a problem but artists tend to be targeted. Did your Korean friend send an objection letter to Amazon for the thousands of tee shirts they sell? To Redbubble or other art sites? What about the tens of thousands of US teens who draw Manga? An art form isn't copyrighted.

  2. Lifetime insomniac here ... spent my childhood in AK. Six months of darkness and six months of light messes with your circadian rhythm. Added to that my dad slept less than anyone I've ever known (4 hours tops), except possibly my brother (same). Might be genetic? No idea.

  3. I had none as a youngster. I was the troubled kind. But I was over 40 when I started drawing.

  4. See? I am convinced every endeavor we undertake contributes to the whole; you are the artist you are today because of what you have done before. It's all good ....

  5. I'm in a reasonably good place, so I wouldn't change s thing. Glad I found said discipline though - i wouldn't be where I am today otherwise.

  6. All federal judges are appointed by the President (Republican or Democrat) and confirmed by the Senate. But I have more confidence a Democratic judge wouldn't take away the rights of half the US/TX population and prosecute a minor who was raped.

  7. I have never understood why playing nice is even a thing to a choosing beggar. "Thank you for your interest but you see my prices on my website. If you decide this is something you want to do later you can email again. Have a nice day."

  8. My main reason for voting a straight Democratic ticket is because the GOP nearly succeeded in an Insurrection to overthrow the election; they will try again. One of their most successful tactics was to infiltrate deep red states by planting MAGA operatives as election officials from the top down to local officials. How much more evidence do you need? It's systemic.

  9. My dad was a nurse in Germany in the 90s. One of the patients he told me about was an old guy who worked on the watchtowers at a prisoner of war camp in WW2. He had guns up there to prevent anyone from fleeing, but in reality he never got any bullets, so he was paid to just sit up there to make it look armed. His wife would make him a lunch box, and he'd get paid to do nothing, listen to the radio, eat his wife's lunch box. Said it was his favourite job.

  10. My dad was drafted early in WWII. After basic he was assigned to a Japanese internment camp in OR. Even then there was a large Asian population. It broke his heart to see people from Portland there. He was handed a rifle and ammo and told if he saw anyone try to escape to shoot to kill. This is the point in his story he started crying. He was also told if he didn't shoot he would be charged.

  11. Stuff like this is a really common symptom of dementia, towards the end my Great Grandad kept saying he killed a man and hid him in the wardrobe. When one of us would say there obviously wasn't anyone there, he would then say his near 70 year old son-in-law must have hidden the body. It doesn't actually mean its a murder confession, obviously, but when your mind gets to the point where it is difficult to differentiate between a dream, a thought, a memory, or reality then you unsurpsingly have a lot of trouble knowing what is real.

  12. I'm already old but may be trouble later in life; I love crime/mystery novels. ;-D

  13. I hope you're not around those people anymore. No one needs negative/cruel people around them. I've been associated with people like that but my reaction was different. Rather than take it I dish it right back with a lecture.

  14. Unbridled praise can be as harmful as harsh criticism. Always consider the source of the crit.

  15. Not regularly. I like the UK portrait competitions. Art history. Bios. Demos of artists I enjoy watching. A few drawing demos.

  16. Early hard work resulted in other income later in life; it gives me the freedom to pursue what I want without the angst of trying to make a living; more importantly to not produce "what sells" rather than what inspires you.

  17. Actually, it was unspoken. I can't quite identify the look ... but it was appreciation, expression, respect even. He paused for near a minute, he nodded to me and walked off looking back several times. I thought he was going to come back but family beckoned him.

  18. A background check normally checks employment history, salary, and maybe a title. They don't check exactly what you did most of the time. Most former employers want to spend as little time as possible and only cover the facts to reduce the cost and liability.

  19. yea, been there done that, and its not much more than "did they work here, from X to Y, did they make Z, any discipline problems, any reason you think they would be an issue, is there anyone else we should talk to" They really don't verify your duties because let's face it if you have worked there longer than a year or two, your boss probably cant remember what the hell you did one way or another.


  21. This is exactly what what I needed! Thanks

  22. That's a shame ... when asking for recommendations it's best to state your country; lots of things available in some countries are not in others. Do you have any art supply houses near you? What about university stores? Where do art students buy their supplies?

  23. Childhood family foster, left at 18, military ... limited options living on a farm. Actually, best scenario; not a whole lot to go back to. It all worked out.

  24. He just stopped trying to solving them...rape is still unfortunately alive and well.....probably hanging out at a church somewhere

  25. Rape is systemic. If police refuse to give priority to prosecution it will continue unchecked; most are repeat offenders. This is why most do not report. Police are indifferent until it is their SO, their child, their wife.

  26. ATT sent me an email notice ... it only amounts to $3 so it's not enough to go through the hassle for another provider, which may be even more.

  27. Some artists swear by either/both. You're perfectly fine with Zinc White. My old mentor swore by it. I prefer Titanium primarily because of its blending qualities ... like butter. Really, it is simple preference and over time you'll decide on one or the other, or use both depending on the work.

  28. This is a common PayPal criticism. It is their business model ... they have millions of subscribers with millions in cash they hold in escrow; they garner interest off your money. You should eventually get your money after 30 days.

  29. Likely issue; Abbott's perception a candidate won't do exactly what he tells them, as opposed to managing service independently for citizens' wellbeing.

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