1. Even more dominant than last year. It's beautiful

  2. Not going to lie buckeyes these last two years Michigan has looked considerably better.

  3. I personally think they should be using their money to make their most used routes more frequent and reliable especially on the weekends and holidays.

  4. I don’t either but there are way more car fumes to worry about. Plus overhead electric cable battery hybrid are the best performing busses because they can charge the battery while moving but I doubt we have the money for the infrastructure to put up the overhead lines. We had them when we had streetcars though (the lines not the busses)

  5. Llewellyn really makes you miss the guards JB used to have. Wow has he played awful. 12% from 3 and 34% FG so far this season.

  6. This has happened before. Just wait for the crash and then a more liberal government puts in worker protection and more social benefits. Then we start to prosper again and then as soon as people start to prosper the cycle starts again. At least this is what happened the last couple of times. Things could be different this time around.

  7. I gotta hand it to Ohio State and Michigan fans: yall are all over the sub today

  8. Very exciting that local people (Sic Transit owner and others) are buying that spot and bringing it back to life. The picture is misleading though it sounds like it is the

  9. It is the budding attached yes, it was supposed to be opening sometime in the next month but construction was delayed so the opening is gonna be sometime next summer iirc.

  10. Does it not astound you that the way we have built our cities forces us to choose modes of transportation that can kill people so easily?


  12. They just completed a sidewalk project on Ellsworth. There are now sidewalks on the north side from Stone School to State.

  13. Oh that is good to know. I generally like roundabouts but the one at state and ellsworth is pretty bad for bikes and peds

  14. What's the editor you're using?

  15. He transferred cause he would’ve got his spot taken

  16. I think he is better than Llewellyn. His family was just offended Juwan was looking for another PG.

  17. Looks like it will be Frankie he seems to be the leading scorer on ASU. Seems like this is the reason he transferred to be the #1 guy. Crazy to think how good we would be if Frankie stayed and played in our system.

  18. Rumors are that his family is pretty involved in his decision making and they got offended when Juwan was looking for another transfer PG.

  19. He transferred to VCU (along with Zeb) and Frankie is at ASU now (who we play tonight).

  20. This looks like it could almost be a scene from downtown Houston. We have similar bike lanes, and even the street signs use the same colors and fonts for some reason. The main problem is that our bike lanes are nowhere near as well protected as these are.

  21. We have improved these to be curb protected since this picture was taken. Check out our

  22. i prefer one direction per side rather than a bidirectional one on one side but nice

  23. Yeah in the US planners are very reluctant to do one on both sides even though it is safer. It usually means they need to remove more street parking which usually provokes even more bikelash unfortunately.

  24. > Instead of 10 reserved slots at the start of each meeting with three

  25. They also list their phone numbers on the city council website and many of the CMs hold monthly coffee hours.

  26. Public comment is public comment. It isn't just to communicate with city council, but to also make a statement visible to the public. Which shows people they aren't alone on issues or clarify opposition to decisions by city council and the mayor.

  27. I think food trucks are a good "yes and" option for a transition away from car dependence.

  28. Mark's Carts closed before I moved to town. I would really love to see something like what Petoskey has with The Backlot.

  29. I think we need a better design guidelines. We shouldn't have to keep telling the city that these bike lanes are not safe enough. We should be using the safest design by default if we want to actually follow the city's goals of having an all ages and abilities bike network.

  30. WBWC had a survey of their members and they rated Williams street before (2019) and after they installed the bollards (2020) on how "comfortable" it feels.

  31. This was our budget 2.5 years ago. We bought a house for 330k now our house has an estimate of 450-500k. The housing market has been insane, I hope for everyone’s sake it comes back down.

  32. Dread it. Run from it. OSU-Clemson arrives all the same.

  33. Who is this “you” you speak of

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