1. No. The monthly forms are more for your supervisor to review when signing your final verification form.

  2. Go in confident with what you know. Be comfortable with the very real possibility that some things on the test won't be what you studied. This is when your ability to generalize your knowledge on what you DO know will be tested and come in handy.

  3. Do you use the factory tesla USB to record? If not what do you use?

  4. Seeing growth in the client. Experiencing joy and witnessing joy in the client's teachers, parents, class aides, etc. when the client shows growth, no matter how small or big.

  5. ABA isn't necessarily limited to be applied for those diagnosed with ASD. It's just that it so happens to be used mostly with those with ASD. It's applicable wherever there's behavior.

  6. This is great information. it just me or is this also pretty convincing for someone who's on the fence about exclusively supercharging vs purchasing + installing (~$1000) a garage charger in an apartment?

  7. Charging at home saves a couple hundred bucks vs supercharging. But, the convenience of charging at home is well worth the installation price. Additionally, exclusively supercharging is likely to have long term repercussions on battery health.

  8. I definitely agree. The biggest thing that would be of concern with installing a charger in an apartment garage would be the loss of $ of installing it once you move to another place.

  9. Are you in California? Bay Area?

  10. What does it look like in your app after you got the vin?

  11. Did you get the m3 performance? Otherwise that's a really fast process

  12. If you don't mind where are you from? And what colors did you get

  13. I don’t think non competes are enforceable in California. In some states they are. But not in California.

  14. Right but it wouldn't be considered solicitation if the client chose to move on their own, right?

  15. Have you started the process of Credentialing with insurance companies yet? That can take a few months and during that time they cannot bill for your services as a BCBA. Regardless you should be having open dialogue with them about the process for being hired on/promoted to a supervisory role. And if you’re not satisfied with timeline or process, move on in a professional way, so you’re not burning bridges in the field.

  16. I can’t speak for getting you SLP but I’m a BCBA and I love my job. The pay and job security are excellent and there is so much flexibility in what you can do with this credential.

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