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  1. Your observation might be biased. Stand up comedians have to have active presence on social media. Hence you'll find them more.

  2. I am not saying "All IT guys are doing Stand Up" .... But what I said was...."most stand up comedians say they used to work in IT ".

  3. Like How many times those sanskrit supporters come and get their noses broken ?

  4. Chinna vayasula irundhu.. One of my personal favorite ah irundha padatha.. Orey meme la ruin panteenga da

  5. Bruh. Russia was not a Axis power. They remained neutral until they were invaded and joined the Allies

  6. the fucking algorithm has been stereotyped . It's just suggesting based on subreddits/posts based on similar geographical location.

  7. I am from south India and not a single south Indian person I've ever known would ever treat a north Indian like this.

  8. hindi or no hindi. The movie was crap anyway.

  9. not really.. I mean it has some scenes like him asking other girls for pics faking casting them in a short film, from others perspective he's no different from the boy bestie but its for comedy tho, I liked the movie

  10. Yes I also exhausted by hero maasu daww movies but this also not worth the appreciation.

  11. In 2019, I was in my work uniform, freshly homeless, counting coins to try and get something in my stomach at Burger King before my shift.

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