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  1. Guy on the ground looks like an absolute fuck boy, how was he not the one getting bullied?

  2. *Literally controls the entire news & political subs “cOnSeRvAtiVeS AlWaYs gEt A pAsS REEEEEEEEEEEEE”

  3. This site is the most left-leaning platform I use by far, I mean look at the news tab and it’s blatantly obvious

  4. Says it hasn't been seen since the 1970 Detroit Auto show, and was probably destroyed.

  5. “It is presumed to have been destroyed, which was the standard Ford practice for show vehicles at that time.”

  6. I wonder if the manufacturer received federal or state reimbursements or tax credits for financial loss if there was zero useable final product from a design exercise.

  7. I am a lifelong vegetarian (have never eaten meat) and I am as far right as it goes

  8. If you want the cleanest toilet choose the closest to the door, people avoid it since it’s close to the door

  9. Sometimes those are real gems. I have a few friends that deal cars through copart all the time. They find salvage titles and then restore them and flip them. I bet most of those are in better shape than a "no-accident" car that is owned by someone who has never done a single preventative survice and are ticking timebombs that only look good on the outside.

  10. Hoovie has mentioned that in the past. The cars he’s bought that sat forever, like his Diablo, all had ridiculous issues from all the seals and gaskets drying up.

  11. I agree, I find it so sad when insane collections never get driven.

  12. I agree, especially since the cars in said collections are generally the most highly engineered cars in existence

  13. Since it’s already wrinkled, you could open it and fit books n such in there to shape it back

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