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  1. As soon as I saw this image I got a great urge to punt this little fucker into the stratosphere

  2. Never seen a cribcel carry it’s own weight before, let alone someone else’s. Society is healing

  3. I wonder how many people have actually had the privilege of having sex with this man

  4. This the posters they had up in middle school health class

  5. I’ve been thinking about making a meme similar to this

  6. My mom always says she doesn’t believe in it and now I understand her

  7. Movies make it seem like it happens everyday, like it’s just how a normal everyday interaction goes

  8. Amatonormativity and it’s grip on human culture for all of history makes it impossible for a lot of us to accept ourselves. I’ve learned to accept myself and just stick it to the whole idea of dating, marriage, and sex. Just know you’re doing nothing wrong.

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