1. Sending good vibes your way. I hope Felix will ok. I know it’s easier said than done but please don’t beat yourself up. Things happen and you don’t want Felix to feel your stress when you visit him. He needs to feel the love you have for him. I’m so sorry this happened to you and Felix.

  2. Get an app called Textnow, and get a burner phone number through the app (it’s free). Turn notifications off completely and on silent (or just put silent/do not disturb on your phone). Then pretend to relent and give your mom the burner phone number. Your mom will be off your back, you’ll be in a safer position, and your sisters privacy won’t be harmed. This way you can also monitor what your mom says to your “sister”. Do not respond though. If you do, just keep it short like “Ok”

  3. Jesus. This sounds fucking awful. “When she finally relented” bro if she doesn’t want to have sex with you, drop it. Holy crap. And she just sits there “letting you do it”, trying to distract herself. You sound absolutely disgusting and I feel so so bad for her…

  4. Guy talking about a “quickie” he had, where he had to beg until the girl “finally relented” and then she proceeded to ignore him while he fucked her, going on her phone etc. but he “thought it was kind of hot but wouldn’t want that all the time” and said to her “I don’t care if you ignore me, I’m still going to get mine” and that it ended up “not being really a quickie”.

  5. I'm not really sure, tbh. She pulled me from public school at 4th grade and we started off doing actual homeschooling. Once she had a ton of little kids, the focus was shifted to childcare and not schoolwork. I had to beg to go back to public school for my freshman year and they let me until covid hit and they went to e-learning sophomore year. They pulled me back to homeschooling and I had no structure. I'm now a senior and my mom brags about not having to do anything for me for school. I've had to build my entire education and have the self-motivation to pursue it. I've done almost all of what I need for college, with the exception of help I got from my grandparents. I had to make my own transcript, act as my own counselor, fill out financial aid forms, and more. I seriously wouldn't even expect them to be able to do anything most of the time with 6 other kids ages 14 - 1 week.

  6. Holy shit, so you’re 17/18 and doing all of this yourself, PLUS dealing with your “punishments” being restriction from your schoolwork? I am so so sorry. You are incredibly strong, way stronger than you should have to be. You didn’t ask for advice, but from someone who had to leave home early, just keep your head down with them and never stir the pot. Get that free food and housing, get some kind of job, and start saving like mad. Don’t spend any money, pretend you don’t have it. Always believe you’re broke and can’t afford anything, while squirrelling away ever my dollar. Once you’re done Highschool, either go to a college where you can live in a dorm or move out

  7. My dad does that shit ALL of the time. You correct him on a point and suddenly that point doesn’t matter at all, and I’m not going to argue with you on this, and “I can’t even have a discussion with you without you attacking me” because showing evidence that he’s wrong about something is akin to “kicking me in the face” (his actual words).

  8. He’s funny AF (in a big way), he’s confident, he’s genuine to women, and I’m sure word has gotten around Hollywood that he’s amazing at sex

  9. The legal system in this state for parenting is very different than most they don’t favor the mother it’s very equal this man has done everything possible to me and yet he is still allowed 2 days visitation even without having a room for her I just finished a lot of the court proceedings trying to shield and protect her from a lot of it and this is the latest example of what is happening. I can’t afford the lawyer I had previously, and as much as I can’t go on with this I can’t afford to continue this court process it’s been years of this back and forth and unless there is something I can truly do to get him put away.. I feel this will come back to bite me fearing for my life for making his life hell so without something to get him locked away for years I’m scared to push my limits as you can tell this is serious, But I don’t want my daughter to loose me and her crazy father.. does that make sense? He takes her Bava ikr out on me. It’s not my fault she doesn’t want to see him on one of the two days she can have a sleep over or play date.. I feel insane but with my experience this far it’s the only thing I can do is just keep collecting these texts voicemails pictures etc.. until it’s enough for something to put him away or else I will get the brunt of the damage.

  10. Do you have to eat the whole human or just until you’re full? Cause that poses an unrealistic barrier

  11. The whole human, if you can’t finish them in 1 sitting, finish them next meal. You cannot eat anything in between

  12. An entire human body is a LOT of matter. In the days it would take you to chip away at it, it would already start decomposing and be toxic. And since you can’t kill yourself, you can’t eat food that would kill you either. So…

  13. I had a similar thing happen. For me, they did my retainer scan before my teeth had finished shifting to their final placement. Then when I got my retainer, the shoved my teeth back into that less ideal position. I’m gutted. I already saw my ortho and he basically brushed me off so I’m gonna go back in again and request refinements. Good luck with yours!

  14. This is just speculation but two things that make me wonder…one, the way others at the reunion (Brennon, Alexa and some of the other women) spoke like there was more behind the scenes that Cole said/did that was wrong and two, his comments about her being crazy. Anytime I've heard a guy talk about his "crazy ex," and go out of his way to reiterate that she's crazy, he usually has something to hide (just my experience IRL). That being said, Cole did give Zanab credit and say the towel banter was something he found funny and the editors made it look like nagging when they were joking around. Zanab also gave him some credit. He said it was much more in the middle than they made it look (him always being silly, her always being serious).

  15. All of the girls are siding with Zanab cause Zanab is a fantastic manipulator and has told them all these horrible things Cole has said to her 🙄 and of course, you’re gonna believe your friend right. Brennen sides with Alexa because… well if Alexa said all puppies should be killed, he’d still side with her

  16. Some people are hardcore feminists and will take any stand that upholds their belief.

  17. Listen, I am a hardcore feminist and I absolutely hate Zanab lol. Being a feminist doesn’t mean believing no woman can do wrong. I kind of hate that a lot of women are choosing to take her side just cause she’s a woman. People need to open their eyes and look at how manipulative she is.

  18. Yall will really find anything to blame on this woman. If Cole cared he wouldn't have said that point blank period. He's an adult, he has awareness. He isn't a child. He was with other women before, even if it was a "test" why validate your partners obvious insecurities??

  19. Y’all will really find anything to prevent Z from taking any accountability whatsoever for her own goddamn insecurity and toxicity. Yet SHE was the one constantly making digs at his personality. SHE was the one totally happy getting stripper dicks in her face (which Cole not once made into any kind of deal, btw. Can you imagine if the roles were reversed?). SHE was the one forcing this victim narrative into every thing he did or said, disregarding any body language, tone, or context. And SHE was the one who tore him down at the alter in front of his friends and family without ever even discussing these problems with him beforehand. She planned that speech, then pretended “oh I didn’t know what I was going to say until the moment”.

  20. The thing is… I think the average person would not have taken meaning to his food comments. I think they were made innocently and she assigned meaning that wasn’t there. She assigned meaning to these comments because she was already insecure about herself. She should have been open with him about how those comments made her feel. They really lacked proper communication the entire show.

  21. No kidding. She is so insecure that she would have found a way to make any man hurt her.

  22. I had this! It means you have a narrow maxillary arch. Basically, the arch of your teeth is more like a U instead of like a C, if that makes sense. I improved mine a bit with Invisalign, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a very big result since it’s mainly just the shape of my jaw. Some people are candidates for jaw surgery to improve this, but that’s an extremely intense surgery and usually only done to fix medical problems with the jaw.

  23. My dentist did recommend either braces or Invisalign for my bottom row of teeth which are quite bunched, I thought about asking if it would help for the top row of my teeth. Thanks!

  24. It will help a bit with the top as well, but depends on your anatomy for how much. If you have a normal shaped maxillary arch but your teeth are slanted inward, you’ll get a perfect smile. If your arch is narrow, you’ll get a bit of improvement but it’ll never be perfect

  25. You can also look into a lip lift, which is surgical and permanent. It may pull your nostrils down a bit though (check before and afters online you’ll see what I mean).

  26. Thanks for mentioning testing with filler! I’ve been considering a chin implant and therefore thinking about getting chin filler just to see what it might look like, but wasn’t sure if that would actually give me a good idea or if the filler would just mess with my face

  27. Yikes. Where's the riot gear! That's assault brotha. Better call the cops

  28. So you agree that EAs are facing a danger similar to what police would be expected to deal with, but without any kind of protective gear (or laws protecting them) and with horrible wages? Imagine if a cop got stabbed multiple times with a pair of scissors. Imagine the repercussions for the assailant. Guess what? An EA gets zero ability to do anything about it. Nothing will be done for them.

  29. I have a bad case of forgetting to delete messages. so even if I attempted a cover up it’s just too much work for me to even manage it while also talking to her on the daily.

  30. Use the app called KIK (correction: Signal) and set it to automatically delete messages for you. I think you can set how long the messages last for. They can delete after a few minutes of being read, or a day, or 3 days, something like that. Boom solved.

  31. This is fake af you guys… it’s photoshopped from a still from Unus Annus where mark and Ethan “painted each other naked”. They weren’t actually naked though. There was censorship over that area.

  32. Hahaha Uuuuh … he just finished acting in a tv show and he’s writing a feature film rn. His golden era hasn’t even started yet my guy

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