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TIL actor Joe Pesci hated the early unit call times in “Home Alone” since they prevented him from starting his day with nine holes of golf as he liked to do. After Pesci took the Assistant Dir. by the collar one day to complain about it, the call times were moved back from 7 to 9 A.M. just for him.

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  1. Yeah, exactly. I mean this might hurt people who need a good credit score, but I personally don’t care because I don’t need credit. Too poor to need it/use it. Credit is nothing but a trap anyway. I haven’t paid off any debt in years and to be honest my credit score isn’t even that bad. Idk, out of all of the things that stress me out, debt isn’t on the list.

  2. You understand that your loan provider can seize your wages until you pay off your loan. If you don’t work, they’ll be legally able to seize your social security money until you pay off your loan. The “I just don’t pay my debts lol why didn’t anyone else think of that” thing you have going on might backfire later

  3. They’ll only seize your wages if you make a certain amount of money/have a certain amount in your bank account. Ive never had that amount, and if I have, nothing has been done with it. Have you ever talked to anyone who’s had their wages seized? Idk, while I see where you’re coming from, I’m not worried about it. As someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck and always has, I’m more worried about gas, food, and essentials. Loan providers and debt collectors can kiss my ass.

  4. lmao. dont think you have anything to worry about in any case since youre just shooting blanks.

  5. What? I’m a female and I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean or have anything to do with this

  6. shooting blanks is euphemism for weak sperm. but in this case i was referring to your logic.

  7. I know what shooing blanks means lmao I just didn’t know what it had to do with any of what we’re talking about. But thanks for the insult! That was hilarious.

  8. I am watching the episode when Sophia gets married part 1 I love the show I have been a big golden girls fan since I was eight years old and I am in my 30s I got my husband into the show And he loves it when he didn’t think he would lol

  9. The only things I’ve come up with that don’t involve sex work or selling drugs is to do gig work (Uber/Doordash) or find local work maybe though friends/family cleaning houses, doing yard work, etc. also just selling stuff you don’t need on Facebook marketplace or having a yard sale. Jobs/making money is alot more complicated since Covid hit. Best of luck to you. If I think of anything else I’ll post it.

  10. Thanks for letting me know. Ive been applying to some since Ive benn unemployed and havent had any luck

  11. Romney was the only Republican in the Senate who voted to convict Trump in 2020. He definitely knew that his vote would make no difference and voted that way anyway.

  12. I used to work at a 5 star resort where Romney frequented with American Enterprise Institute, which is a huge republican think tank. He’s a jackass like the rest of them.

  13. Of course he is. He’s a Republican that’s what he’s supposed to do.

  14. Yeah, not sure you understand. He made a lot of racist comments, he was a complete asshole, I listened to multiple speeches he made while he was there. I worked there for 9 years and listened to a lot of things the general public was never meant to hear. People would be shocked at the things I’ve heard over the years. The top 1% from JP Morgan/Chase… the folks that are actively running this country into the dirt - they literally do not give a fuck, they will do whatever it takes to make a dollar. They are also, ALL stupid as fuck. Most folks in a position of power, that I’ve observed, didn’t get there because they are smart or even good at their jobs. They hire people to do their job for them. They just get paid a ton for the title/connections/network. I’ve worked million dollar weddings, catered to politicians, listening to these people and observing them, it anchored my perspective on the super wealthy and American politics. The shit goes a lot deeper than the average person understands, it doesn’t matter what side you’re on. Romney is just as corrupt as anyone else. If you ever see any politician doing anything “good” it’s for good PR and to gain brownie points from the public/voter base.

  15. The town I live in does that. The town is so mall, it’s the only place in the entire county that does DoorDash. One McDonald’s and a dollar general. Two stop lights 1/4 mile apart. That’s it . I’ve let it run for hours from my bedroom with not a single order (for giggles). Always has the $5 peak pay. I drive an hour to a big city just to dash.

  16. I also live in a very rural town where no DoorDash is available so I would have to drive 45 mins to dash. Is it worth it for you?

  17. This sub doesn’t know of poverty, but I appreciate this post. Cheers to you mate, I’ve been struggling hard with jobs and money since June.

  18. After watching a bug move walls and open doors and seeing dudes use some sort of puzzle device to turn people off and some kid with a weird black triangle… idk. I’m on episode 5 and it just gets kinda dumb in my opinion. It’s all over the place. I also predicted what was going to happen and so far I’ve been right this whole time, so, idk. I’m not a huge fan.

  19. I love golf. I mean I don’t play, but I drive the golf cart around for people, get really drunk and hit bumps. It’s great in the fall when it’s nice and cool

  20. Look after you is one of the sweetest songs ever made, in my opinion. It makes me tear up almost every time I listen.

  21. Holy shit this sub has shown it’s true colors. Guess none of these people have been down to their last penny. I guess you folks like the taste of boots

  22. Sum 41 - All Killer No Filler, Does This Look Infected, Chuck

  23. Twelfth Street Rag. Specifically the version from Spongebob:

  24. Laughing in ignorance as you didn't read the article you're just cynical AF

  25. EV’s aren’t a viable solution to climate change, they’re unaffordable and have a ton of issues heading forward. Call me cynical all you want, but it’s the truth.

  26. What if I told you this will help make it more affordable

  27. Based on the current state of the economy, I probably wouldn’t believe you. That doesn’t take away from the fact that I wouldn’t invest in one anytime soon, even if I had the money. There are too many issues popping up with these vehicles. I also live in a very very rural part of Georgia, I live in a trailer, where would I charge it, how long would a charge last - enough to get me home on my hour drive at 2 am after work…. Just way too many unknown variables moving forward. And the lithium extraction, it’s good for the climate? How’s the economic outlook on that?

  28. I’m so fucking sick of people arguing about this. If you actually trust any numbers or statistics about how “well” the economy is doing, you’re not living in it. I don’t wanna hear shit from anyone anymore unless you’re actively unemployed or struggling. It’s way harder out here than it’s ever been. We are not doing well, just because the current administration says we are doesn’t make it so. All administrations lie to make themselves look good. (I voted for Biden so don’t come at me)

  29. I like how he is very chunky, but his legs are very slim

  30. This is literally everything I’ve ever wanted which is also depressing because who TF am I gonna find to do this 😂 Me and my cat, who I’ve named Luna Lovegood, will just live vicariously through you lmao

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