1. i know this isn’t aita, but you’re the asshole here. she emotionally and FINANCIALLY supported you during your wedding. you made a deal, and it’s your obligation as a friend to help her out. $20 is peanuts, and i would also feel so so offended.

  2. where were the parents at??? is this acceptable behavior to them? he would’ve been immediately sent to his room if that were my child. no thank you

  3. I saw in your post history that you’re an early childhood educator, for somebody who deals with children, your patience is a bit short dontcha think?

  4. lurking on someone’s account in and of itself is “kids are fucking stupid” material lmao get a life

  5. Dude, your post history is public. Anyone can access it if they wanna. It’s like posting on insta and saying “sToP lOoKiNg aT mY pIcTuReS”. Seriously, you’re fighting with a teenager who made a lighthearted post about a childhood story. How boring is your life? Focus on your job.

  6. i’m not fighting with you, i simply shared my opinion regarding your post on a public platform which is entitled to criticism. you were the one that got chapped. have a good day at school today.

  7. anyone know his tiktok? i want to personally message him and tell him that he has a micro chode

  8. 70k a year is a good amount. my partner and i make this combined, and live a very comfortable life with a really nice apartment

  9. too bad you already got her pregnant, i’d leave someone who had an attitude like that

  10. i had to scroll up to reread the age of your girlfriend. assumed she was 18

  11. this exact same thing happened to my friend. she twisted her ankle in the neighbors lawn whilst running away and my friend and i both (regrettably) ran back to our house leaving her there. long story short the homeowner returned her to my house that night and it was very very awkward for all parties involved

  12. nobody in my family got it from me, i cured it with ivermectin eventually

  13. girl, you need to dump this yeehaw white trash piece of scabies crusted shit

  14. oop, same thing happened to me a few months ago. have to start allergy shots now at the age of 24

  15. i’m surprised actually, out of all the edibles i’ve had these have been some of the easiest for me to get open. they also don’t close very well for me

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