1. Honestly... this is a great idea for a re-release of the original games. Incorporating the Smash Bros moves would totally sell.

  2. i personally prefer eldendemon'ssoulsbornekiroring, but thats just my opinion

  3. Need staff. With that level Int you probably want the Demi-human Staff found in Weeping Peninsula south-east of the Church of Pilgrimage.


  5. I like the Demi-human ashes found in Impaler's Catacombs in Weeping Peninsula. Summons 5 of them and they deal strike damage, so they are good at distracting and make for easier poise breaks on enemies. Easily obtainable within about 10 minutes of starting.

  6. Neither of the equip load talismans come from Alexander.

  7. Yeah, and you can get it pre-Godrick, so its good for low level multiplayer.

  8. They don't win often, so its very exciting for them when they do.

  9. I believe you get there by dropping off the ledge at the top of the stairs outside of the room that has a banished knight near the elevator shaft that leads to the crucible knight area. Confusing description, yah?

  10. Is that an elden ring symbol under your username? And if yes, how do you get it?

  11. The symbol under their user name is a flair that was handed out to people who joined the sub before the first trailer came out (if I recall correctly). Those were the dark times, during the great hollowing.

  12. Well, IDK man. I invade frequently and will accept a "duel" whenever its in the cards. I do prefer 'organic' invasion though, because the chaos is fun and the 3v1's are a serious challenge. But that's why I invade at 20 +3.

  13. I've been invading at 30 +5/+1 --- does this sound right to you? I mean as far as level matching weapon upgrade?

  14. I usually wait until 35-40 before going to +5, but you should be fine.

  15. I think 'Intelligencia' is inspired more from 4Chan and Qanon sites rife with conspiracy theories and murderous hatred for anyone they perceive as a "them". There are corners of mainstream social media like reddit or facebook that trend that direction, but hatred is not the mission statement of those sites. However there are sites, lets just call them 'conspiracy' sites, where hatred is very much the mission.

  16. You can build however you want. There is nothing stopping any starting class from using any weapon or spell in the game, you just need to invest levels in the stats to use them. Confessor starts more faith focused and so it will be less optimized than an Int based starting class, but that isn't really a big deal if you plan on mainly doing PvE.

  17. Gank squads are specifically people who clear a level and then wait for invaders to gang up on and kill. Not every 3v1 is a gank.

  18. Someone needs to hold this orange anti-christ to the fire and make an example of him. Get'em Ms. James!

  19. That's where it is, so either you have it already or are looking in the wrong place. It's on the balcony near the room with the switch. You have to go through a pretty narrow tunnel to get there. If not there, then check your chest at a grace.

  20. I agree with you. It something that is hard to explain to other people, but the mechanics in a game, the feel of it, is what's most important to me as a gamer. Story and graphics take a back seat to the immersion you get from being connected to your character. Add to that the immense freedom you are given when creating a build and it is very hard for other games to match what From does. The only other franchise that has captured that for me has been monster hunter.

  21. Yeah, but I don't care what people do in PvE. If you need to cheese a boss, then go ahead and cheese it. I don't feel the need to gatekeep that.

  22. Not trying to gatekeep I just don’t like having something that op in a game like this. I wanna do a bleed build without cheesing 90% of the game.

  23. I hear you. They player needs to nerf themselves sometimes to feel challenged.

  24. I feel like I'm living half my invasions hiding in bushes and I don't mind lol

  25. They were definitely the over-leveled phantom buddies, if it was indeed them. The builds look right anyways.

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