1. They wouldn't have a reason to destroy the world if the world doesn't torture and abuse them for 1000 years

  2. The world wouldn't abuse them for 1000 years if they hadn't used titans to take over the world.

  3. What made Squid Games work for me is that it was never stated that only one person could win like in Hunger Games or Battle Royale. So when main and I mean MAIN characters started to get dropped off, it was actually shocking to me. I kept expecting them to get out of the marble game but half of the remaining guys just died. I will never forget how insane that was. Peak fiction!

  4. I mean Obito could infiltrate every village and abduct the Kage if he wanted

  5. It jumps around all the time. I like Green because of their ties to nature, I like Bronze because of the Caverns of Time ( as a kig going through Tanaris and finding it was so badass ) and I like the Black Flight because they look cool as fuck and because Heroes of Might and Magic 4's strongest unit was the Black Dragon.

  6. Is it true Mantis is Star Lords half sister then? They never outright confirmed it in Vol 2. That's awesome if true. But is this something she reveals to Peter or is it something all the characters know? I never got big brother vibes from Peter in IW or EG.

  7. She is Ego's kid, yeah. But that's a pit weird to me, because why didn't she share their powers in GOTG2?

  8. So, if Mantis is the child of Ego, why did he need Peter? Why didn't she have any Terraforming powers like Peter and Ego?

  9. Eu nu am zis nimic de arme deținute legal sau ilegal, nu știu de unde ai scos-o pe asta. Sau de crime de tot felul. Eu ii spuneam omului că greșește in presupunerea că doar el o să fie înarmat în situațiile pe care le dădea exemplu. Ai mai pus de la tine când ai citit ce am scris sau cum ai ajuns la concluziile alea?

  10. Ai zis ca bombardierii o sa fie inarmati si o sa traga dupa el. Eu iti zic ca oamenii inarmati legal nu tind sa impuste random.

  11. Of course, manipulated the memories of Angel and Aki. Also turned Quanxi into her literal sex slave, the person that killed her lovers.

  12. I joked about that :P, based on their interactions after Makima controlled her. But what do you know, maybe she did do something with Quanxi, if not out of lust, maybe out of humiliaton, Quanxi being the one that dominates her female partners usually. Fujimoto definetly made that chapter to fuel readers imaginatons.

  13. Makima's shown no real desire in a human way. Even Pochita, she wanted to control what devils are left in the world. When she takes the heart and presses it to her face it's a very childish display of affection.

  14. Your point? Pilots actually burn a lot of calories. It's a stressful job. And horse riders flex their muscles while riding to maintain balance.

  15. What were your thoughts with MM in the Young Justice animated series?

  16. Didn't see YJ, sadly. But I generally hate the (Superhero) Junior trope, where someone else takes the mantle of an already established superhero. ( and YJ has mini MM, mini Green Arrow, mini Flash and a bunch of others )

  17. MM is honestly the coolest and was never done properly outside the JL cartoons

  18. Has to be Jon, but Jaime also works because the Kingslayer is a mocking nickname used to shame him. It s poetic.

  19. Which is an odd devil. The modern man fears a knife or gun robbery but who the fuck fears crossbows?

  20. "because she cant stand to lose another partner."

  21. I'm more wondering what " easy revenge " means. Is she saying she hopes he kills the gun devil?

  22. Does Pochita happened to cried once in the story?

  23. Maybe a mistake, dev may have replaced an asset by this one. The same happened with shadowland were orc basement in WOD were filled with random sylvarden props.

  24. If it was always there, yes. If it s newly added why would they edit old zones?

  25. I've never made it that far into the books, but I believe something of that nature does happen in in the source material.

  26. Calling me bias in the first place while enabling an attitude of an aggressor in a host house. Your no different than aemond. Total psychopath like the last episode. Started the whole unnecessary war. Do what he did and ill do what the kid did. FAFO. This time i wont make the mistake he did.

  27. You sound like someone who s never been in a fight and I doubt you d be able to kill someone so yes

  28. The ending of ICC was just bad writing. The Lich king won. The only thing that stopped him was Dues ex machina. To top that, it was completely avoidable(just let the players win), yet they purposely decided to use that instead.

  29. The players sometimes needing help is cool. It s how WoW differs from ff14 where the player is a god who beats everything on his own. We're just extremely capable soldiers who at the end of the day need the help of lore figures against the big bads.

  30. Not playing DF but from what I see they really are knocking it out of the park with some quests. Great to see that they still have devs who remember old lore. The dragonmaw abusing the red flight is from warcraft 2, that's 30 years ago.

  31. V2 isn’t the perfect example, what with weaves rewarding fuck all and cataclysm having the same loot as legend. Matching the reward to the challenge is something fatshark hasn’t done well for a while now.

  32. KO literally just said he wants nothing to do with Sami anymore. Has he lied to me?!

  33. Is this show actually any good? I saw the trailer where Robin says "Fuck Batman" and I was out. Is it better than the original trailer was? Or is it WB caliber?

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