AITA for calling my husband unreasonable for canceling the holiday trip just because me and the kids coupdn't help him in an emergency?

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AITA for using the bathroom after work?

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  1. I think social media and technology has a lot to answer for. These days kids have all the information they could possibly need in their hands instantly. We talk so much about cognitive learning but in their minds there’s no real place for it - they don’t have to learn to read a map or connect the dots when there’s Google.

  2. NTA As someone who used to run a small business I can totally appreciate how manic Xmas is and empathise with the being in your office for eighteen hours a day. I would literally not take a break as I only ever left my office to go to the post office or wholesalers once a day and would get a drive thru meal en route.

  3. I did my PGCE last year and had issues with one mentor. They aren’t all perfect. The support I had from uni was amazing because I had glowing reports from my initial placement and had engaged with the course and my tutors really well.

  4. ESH - at first I couldn’t understand why this has been blown all out of proportion - but then I read this again and I realised that basically no one in your family wanted to take responsibility for the three year old.

  5. Question - if the job gives you a car allowance would you not be expected to drive for work? And if that’s the case how are you going to do this with no licence?

  6. I’d take your son to a few farms on days out. My little one is fully aware which animals his meat comes from. It might seem a little “gross” but we look at pigs and say that’s where sausages and bacon comes from and talk about which parts of a cow are good for the best steak etc (with chef parents he gets to eat well). That then helps the child make an informed choice.

  7. 100% will be trying to include some vegan alternatives to dairy & meat, and seeing if it’s actually the fact it doesn’t come from an animal, or the taste/texture he prefers. One issue is that he doesn’t fully get what veganism actually is, and I’ve tried explaining - but going to a farm & seeing where food comes from would be useful I feel, so he can make his own opinion. Right now, I’m willing to accommodate to whatever he’s happy with - like you said, kids change all the time. He’s put off eating chicken wings or legs etc because of the fact they have the body part after them, but cool with chicken nuggets and sliced chicken- so this could be down to him simply not understanding where his food comes from? Thanks for the help 👍

  8. I think that’s fair - I personally would keep on with the “real” parts of the chicken - in terms of health and nutrition the chicken nuggets will have been processed more and are actually likely to have more undesirable parts of the chicken in them.

  9. The only reason I can think for possibly declining the adoption is that Mike doesn’t want the 16 year old to have the same legal rights as his biological children in the future. I’m wondering if he plans on helping her for university, walking her down the aisle or putting her in his will and how this differs to his plans for his other children.

  10. YTA - a shower takes ten mins tops. Stop taking the piss, unless you’re a plumber who has been knee deep in sewerage all day or a fish monger covered in blood and guts then I don’t understand what’s taking you so long.

  11. No it really isn't. Read the English Breakfast Tea wiki page if you have to:

  12. Nope, British i just know what things are actually called. You were wrong, deal with it.

  13. I would give the boys the master bedroom. Then make your 8yr old share with you in middle room and put 16f the smaller bed room.

  14. I really don’t care. Kids will say whatever they like but you have to have a thick skin. Whatever remakes you insecure you have to mask it. The moment you put your lanyard on you are Clark Kent and not superman. Protect your identity.

  15. NTA - how is he expecting you to live for the next month? Do you have access to funds?

  16. Wait - when the 8y/o took the little bro home did the mom not speak to them then? Like how is a five y/o allowed to wander around without any form of adult communication?

  17. Right, teaching students to be wary about drink spiking is actually very important, and uh, so are those other things you mentioned. I'm hoping that the examples of things you thought were unimportant went unsaid there.

  18. You minimised peaceful protest to “token gesture” when these kinds of things can and do change the world - I think that’s quite a harmful rhetoric.

  19. Well you can think that's harmful, but I also think that those forms of corporate peaceful protest are ineffectual, we're just gonna have to agree to disagree there.

  20. Just coming here to say that the Iranian team refusing to sing their national anthem was exactly the kind of protest only sports can bring to a global platform and something which sparked a very interesting conversation amongst my pupils - many of whom were ignorant as to what is going on there.

  21. If I were you I’d probably secure yourself in your home and suggest that your new partner comes along and has more sleepovers.

  22. This sounds like a very smart and easy solution for now. No real risk on my end, and my son isn’t exposed to any unnecessary changes.

  23. It’s the way you frame it to your new partner - it’s not saying “no” it’s about taking steps in the right direction towards living together and setting up ways you can review this. It might be that after he stays the night near Xmas he just never leaves and it makes sense for him to stay…. Or you might think that you don’t want to fall in to housewife territory and he can take his washing home and stay there for a few days so you get some space.

  24. Not an expert here but wouldn’t it be better all around to request the medical interventions and be a voluntary admission to a MH unit rather than wait for an enforced section? That might give you more freedom later on if you can avoid being sectioned under the MH act.

  25. Coming from me I ditched this guy who was treating me very similarly about six months ago.

  26. If your child is your priority and you go for custody (which I would expect given the gravity of this situation) then this is all the ammunition you will need to win.

  27. a kid having bad behaviour is due to bad parenting not watching tv. this is literally christian fundamentalist won’t someone think of the children mindset.

  28. jesus. there’s a difference between letting your 11 year old watch stranger things and/or other non-disney media and letting them watch porn??? wow

  29. No wow at all - stranger things is age rated 15. Not appropriate at all for most kids.

  30. The worst thing here is that granny does nothing to remove a potential hazard from the reach of the child. It’s parenting 101 to know that you don’t ever get to drink a hot drink around toddlers

  31. Single parent here and I don’t work weekends or evenings because I can’t. I do everything I need to do between 8am and 5pm. Sometimes that means working through my lunch. I’m an ECT so get 10% reduction for those tasks too.

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