1. how are the Yeezys? want some 350s

  2. man that's so sick.. also joao tome is a beast!!

  3. On the more failed wonderkids/late bloomers thing:

  4. tbh that's also way more accurate as well. someone like moukoko could very well be the next Ronaldo, or he could end up being a "failure" and be a starter for a lower level budesliga team

  5. first you gotta get access to dalle 2 which no normal average person has so good luck with that

  6. I literally have access right now lol, hence why he is asking me to input things

  7. how long did it take? I've been signed up since early June

  8. I am very confused with both failure 1 and 2 edit:nvm I know about the silence but that doesn't have to do with us sucking

  9. It's xbox so no editor. You "design" your son and distribute stats. You can't max them out but you can easily make them the best kid in the game.

  10. wait how do you create a son? is this on PC?

  11. It's xbox. You can tell by the L2 Navigation bar on the left. Once you've met certain criteria you can create a son and assign him stats etc. You still have a chance to bring a son through youth intake AFAIK.

  12. damn that first pic/fit is crazy

  13. I can only beat City if I park the bus and try to score with counters and set pieces. If I give them space they'll always fuck me up because their infinite money gets them way too many quality players. They always end up the most OP team in my saves after a few seasons, even more than PSG.

  14. actually I just beat city in the CL group stages with benfica so hopefully that's a good sign for me. only 3 years in too

  15. i think it'll drop this year but like november-december or something

  16. I’ve got multiple saves with over 20 years on just this FM 😭🤣

  17. How do you go through so quick? In 1500hr I've a save at like 2046. Do you vacation lots? I never use it, but I use instant result for the vast majority of games.

  18. took me 52 tries to win the CL final one time

  19. pqms says:

    should probably pin this

  20. pqms says:

    why does mls not produce wonderkids even with 200 youth nation rating and max facilities? the PA of the players is always capped at 140.

  21. acctualyl yea all "free" ones are viruses.

  22. pqms says:

    im looking for red dead mod menu, you reccomend anything?

  23. pqms says:

    what club did he generate at?

  24. pqms says:

    how has his career been? like where did he start out at

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