1. Smoking? Well hits me about 10 mins after I smoke then bam, coughing for for a good half hr

  2. D8 doesn't have anything to do with d9, d8 is derived from cbd, very trace amount of d8 is found, so they extract CBD and convert it over to d8 with a chemical compound reaction, forgot what they use though

  3. Your own oz of distillate plus your choice of smoke device

  4. Order your own distillate, fill your own cart, you can make 28 carts for 30.00

  5. Anything with O at the end shouldn't be vaped or smoked

  6. I keep getting recommend to use the 1.2 ceramic I believe. I might be wrong but have you used the ceramic? I'm thinking of getting a yocan evolve plus and it comes with quartz but has ceramic also.

  7. Add in a female Betta as a show piece, maybe up the ghost shrimp to 20/25?

  8. From just writing alone, you already have too much. Rule of thumb is an in per gallon. And a 20 Gal tank after gradient, plants, ornaments really turns it to more like 16-18 gallons. you have 34 items in a tank.

  9. The inch per gallon rule is a myth, doesn't exist, thats saying you can put a full grown Oscar in a 12 gallon tank, not going to work......

  10. Ok no their fake, figure this, each box and empty cart cost the vender 2.50, distillate about 30 or under an Oz, for 30, their basically paying for their distillate for each cart, so no it's a rip off and fake

  11. An Oz of distillate will cost you 30 plus shipping, so you can make 28 carts for the price of one cart.....

  12. Buy a oz of d8 and make your own cart, you can make 28 carts for the price of one, maybe two prefilled carts.

  13. I guess it has kind of an off putting aftertaste. It kind of sits on the back of your tongue?

  14. I know what your talking about and I get the same after I eat disti or edibles

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