1. Many people in blue states have praised the fact that women can get healthcare in their state, especially recently.

  2. It's virtue signaling and a waste of the people's time. Why are my tax dollars being spent on such performative, pointless nonsense? There are actual problems to solve.

  3. Was it also a waste of time for Dems to author and then vote on a resolution to stand in solidarity with the Cubans who were protesting against the government in 2021?

  4. Without any actual material support for those protestors, yes.

  5. It's not obvious at all that Saving Private Ryan is better than The Thin Red Line.

  6. There can be explanations for why a certain group of people is overrepresented in statistics other than systematic prejudice.

  7. This shit boggles my mind. The Snyder DCU has, by my count, 11 films, with 4 more still to be released. That's 15 movies. Plus at least one TV series (maybe 2 or 3?). That's a gargantuan franchise, one that any fan should be more than happy with.

  8. Yes, because 20-year-olds are always right about everything.

  9. Metrograph in Manhattan. For truly obscure stuff, Spectacle in Williamsburg.


  11. South Brooklyn is pretty conservative already, the fact that they swung from Cuomo to Zeldin isn’t that surprising.

  12. I have tried so many CMV threads and I have honestly hated them all. It feels more like "look at my crrrrrrazzzy opinion!" thread. Although I do like laughing at the comments like last weeks "Avatar's story isn't good, it was just a vehicle for showing off VFX's", like who is going to change that opinion? lol

  13. Every CMV thread in a movie forum is basically just "popular movie is actually bad" or "I think classic movie is boring." It's the same every time.

  14. Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles is the butt of a joke, it's so inaccessible to the general public and it's only good for film snobs to pretend they know what they're talking about. It's not a terrible movie by any means, but all the attention does it a disservice.

  15. As a number of people have pointed out throughout the thread, statistics change when you separate out suicide by firearm and murder by firearm. OK.

  16. I commute on a train and get to read, nap, and watch movies. Infinitely better than sitting in traffic.

  17. It has a net economic benefit; improves medical, economic, and social outcomes worldwide; promotes favorable views of the United States; and provides a cover for soft power, all for less that 1% of the national budget.

  18. Well out side of bad faith, continue the conversation without assuming a complete over haul? Unless you wanna play the victim and no longer participate on a technicality, which would be on brand for American centrism.

  19. I'm good, actually, because you're being a dick over a fairly minor criticism.

  20. When losing is the only outcome, it’s better not to play. Have a good one

  21. If we're going to go to all the trouble of an amendment, I'd vastly prefer to just scrap the whole Electoral College rather than tinker with it around the edges. An amendment is functionally impossible though, so this is a thought experiment at best.

  22. Exactly my thinking. If you had a chance at getting an amendment passed, just do away with the electoral college altogether.

  23. I would ask him for a source on this. What does it even mean?

  24. First thing I replied. Waiting on that. In the meantime his message:

  25. If I wanted to learn how to dance ballet, then yes I would prefer having a ballet teacher.

  26. I think this is a prime example of a commonplace phenomenon in recent years, of an over-educated person who has become lost in the jargon of academic or activist spaces, and does not recognize that language used there simply does not translate to a wider audience and thus merely provides culture war fodder.

  27. This is along the same line as “you don’t like Rick and Morty because you aren’t smart enough”

  28. No, it’s along the lines of “academia and activists use specialized language to get their points across, and it’s easy for people in those spheres to lose themselves in that language.”

  29. I would give this a shot. Most days during the week I can post 2-3 times, and maybe 1-2 on a weekend. I don't have direct experience playtesting, but I've played a lot of different rpgs.

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