1. IDK stop giving women arbitrary numbers for their perceived hotness. Also stop calling them girls.

  2. All they do is watch anime and feed their porn addiction. Because they have had so little interactions with real people, there only exposure/knowledge of black people comes from the absolute worst places on the Internet. Leading to gross stereotypes and eventually full on racism.

  3. I think they have actual interactions with POCs but they are so impotent that they feel like they have to be the edgiest keyboard commando to distract from the fact that they are just a pile of moldy and soggy mulch of human beings.

  4. It’s all fun and sex robots until Skynet and then it’s all murder and time travel.

  5. This is why in order to protect my marriage I'm not allowed to spend time with anyone of any gender ever who isn't my spouse. I stay locked up safely in my cell eagerly awaiting the next time my gracious spouse comes down here to provide me with food, sex, and/or a fresh bucket.

  6. Tell me you are not trusting of your spouse without telling me you don’t trust your spouse.

  7. These forking pyramid schemes should not be allowed at a job fair. I had a property and casualty insurance license and was recruited by Primerica when I was struggling and trying to find a job after moving back to NY. I went to the “interview” and half way through I felt like it was a little culty and their tactics that they were talking about were a little shady. At the 1st break I told them it wasn’t for me bc I have never paid to start working anywhere and I did not plan on starting. So messed up that they are allowed to recruit at job fairs where someone might be at their lowest and needs to find some employment desperately.

  8. Boo hoo. Spend less time crying on incel forums and more time looking for a job.

  9. Well it’s the only touch most of them get.

  10. On the plus side these degenerate basement dwellers are not putting their flawed genetics out in the world. I don’t care if it’s a troll post just to be edgy. Hope ya stay a virgin forever Kyle.

  11. My bf has a fifth grader who talks about him all the time and regurgitates his talking points in class. Obviously this child is not doing well.

  12. Funny how they call members of the lgbt community groomers when in fact it’s these total fuckwads that are out grooming children.

  13. For fucks sake. The Handmaid’s Tale is not a how to guide you weirdo virgin creeps.

  14. Just letting you know this comment posted three times.

  15. Did you end their marriage with your space lasers?

  16. Think they watch the Handmaid’s Tale thinking. “Now that’s a model society”?

  17. The town I grew up in is the carousel capital of the US and I have yet to see a cock carousel. I would very much like to see one.

  18. Oh for fucks sake. Why are these weirdo straights always sexualizing children? Seems like they are the same creeps who are so worried where everyone sticks their genitals. Freaking pervs.

  19. The douche who shot Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  20. That scumbag literally had a device for brainwashing chicks into obeying/wanting him! I’m sorry I can only upvote this once.

  21. I've found that NY and CA are the only two states widely known around the world.

  22. But if you say your from NY everyone assumes you live in the City. Our state is more than just Times Square.

  23. Every time I have seen "woke" used in the past several years in a derogatory sense, it's been a substitute for "minorities"

  24. I’m so over the fucking bigot snowflakes getting triggered anytime there is any media that is not just centering around cis, white het men and then them calling it woke.

  25. Forget it. Three shots and I am STILL not getting HBO.

  26. After my 3rd shot I was expecting my personal FBI agent to introduce themselves. Been a year and still nothing. Haven’t gotten my magnet powers either.

  27. I’m very disappointed that my nanobots came broken.

  28. Breath of fire 1 & 2. Also Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver for the Switch.

  29. Yes just look at the entire US state of Florida.

  30. Everything typed on this summons an old one.

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