1. He's literally being terminated for not accepting a new position.

  2. After rereading the post, I still think you're interpreting it wrong, but it would require OP to clarify.

  3. To clear this part of the discussion up, I was being offered a new position, under a new manager, with a new team and title, and expected to continue to do my current work load. On top of this, I would be responsible of being trained on new tasks and responsibilities that were previously two other peoples jobs that were let go or “quit”. So they condensed 3 jobs into 1 essentially, where the one job alone was already pushing me to my limits, especially for the pay.

  4. Wow! I just came back to this post and realized I really upset a lot of people, which definitely wasn’t my intention!

  5. thought you were unwrapping a pop tart

  6. Played on PC for a while and had no issues finding a match. However picked up the game on switch during the sale and haven’t been able to find a game at all.

  7. I didn’t get anything from my eevee box but got the conkeldurr v alt art from the etb. I would put the cards in clear sleeves tho the etb sleeves bend the cards

  8. Thanks for the suggestion! These are actually double sleeved with a perfect fit clear sleeve and a regular fitting KMC black sleeves! I know not to use the ETB sleeves from experience 😂

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