1. I tried learning Neo-Aramaic and it's difficult, We call him 'Yesou' in arabic in the maronite/melkite church.

  2. There was a lebanese civil war around the 70s when a lot of the Maronite/Catholic way of life was threatened as well as a famine under the Ottomans in the 1800s so those are the 2 big waves when the maronites at least went to other countries. The other eastern catholic churches are greek catholic so they have more greek influence in their rites than latin rite.

  3. The first 30 are perfection. It weaves real life current events, drama, tragedy, intrigue, and suspense. with the next 30? The next I have no idea.

  4. While it is certainly not the exclusive language, Latin is indeed the 'official' language.

  5. Do eastern rite Catholics just pay no head to the documents published by the Holy See?

  6. Ecclesiastical Latin, or “Church Latin,” is the official language of the Holy See, or the Vatican city-state. It is not the official language of the Church as a whole but is instead a traditional language that has been used in the liturgy and ecclesial documents since it was gradually introduced in the fourth century. Pope St. John Paul II wrote, “The Roman Church has special obligations towards Latin, the splendid language of ancient Rome, and she must manifest them whenever the occasion presents itself” (Dominicae Cenae 10).

  7. this video at 7:39, is it normal to get that bunching on the furthest side? I prefer the non bunching on the furthest side like it's showing in the photo examples

  8. It is normal but you can start your pleats over further so that they fall in line with your belly button and that makes less bunching (from experience). It also can make you look taller

  9. Catholics do not believe that things like pokemon and harry potter are satanic. I don't know where this comes from. It seems to be an american protestant thing.

  10. It is not about being an ancient or modern marriage or being religious, they are universal aspects of a healthy life as a couple. You must be able to trust that your spouse will not make you look bad in public.

  11. Stuff like showing that you care about his opinions and feelings more than those of anyone else, asking for his input even when it isn't necessary, randomly showing affection, doing things for him that he knows you find difficult, never using insults or being hostile when arguing, being vulnerable and asking of him things you know he can provide and then be very expressive of your appreciation.

  12. Can we discuss the show, though? I'm almost finished with the series. I don't know that there's going to be more seasons. I feel like most arab series are the 30-40 episodes and that's it.

  13. As I said, one can call God by another name and still arrive at truth. Surely you believe that the God they believe in is the same God if you are a monotheist? A sincere desire for unity with God is what matters most and God knows what's in our hearts. The way my brother put it when he converted is: there's a mountain to God, and there's more than one way to get to the top of it. One religion might have a straighter path there than another, but all paths are good. Try to focus on these shared values.

  14. No, other Abrahamic religions do not believe in the same God as us. I am half middle eastern where it is made blatantly clear that the Abrahamic religions do not believe in the same God. If we all believed in the same God, my ancestors would not have been put on a forced march and raped and forcibly converted.

  15. I'm not saying your faith is wrong. Obviously I share it. But faith is a gift. Salvation isn't your prize for getting it right, it's a gift. Do you really think a loving God is going to shut people out who have a sincere desire for truth but who despite genuine effort don't choose right? You can and should pray for them, but ultimately God gave individuals free will to choose their own path. This hostility and forcefulness you're showing is not the way to draw people in. What draws people in is joyfulness and love.

  16. I am not understanding why you are encouraging multifaith relationships or people to explore different religions when this is a Catholic subreddit?

  17. They can marry someone of faith X which is not theirs, as long as kids are raised in that faith X? Sounds like the opposite of Catholicism: Here you can marry a person of faith X, as long as kids are raised Catholic

  18. Then both spouses cannot fulfill obligations imposed on them by their religion. One would have to lie at the Catholic wedding (might make it an invalid marriage - not sure about this) or lie at the other "wedding", and betray one of these promises when kids come along. Just make sure you do not push, be at peace knowing that truth is on your side, saying only that which you ought to, but also every little thing that you ought to, giving up results to Jesus in that very moment

  19. The most you can do is pray for people, invite them to learn about the faith and attend mass together.

  20. If the child is in my house and doing something inappropriate it is entirely correct for me to mention that. If a child uses profanity or vulgarity in my house I will immediately inform them that such language is not permitted in this homeor if the myths of children. If their behavior is harmful or insulting they will be informed that such behavior has consequences and they need to desist.

  21. Sure, inappropriate language is understandable but general parenting and correcting them is not appropriate.

  22. Is this a mass specific thing or in general you can't keep the two of them together without your wife?

  23. All these countries have prostitution illegal but that doens't stop the citizens from creating a demand for it smh

  24. This is the same like when people say Mohammad married a 9 year old or whatever the age is. No religion would ever say something as disgusting as that, but it’s easy to take things out of context, so here’s the context:

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