1. I love her. Been a fan for years. Always representing the real Palestine better than most people. ❤️

  2. Islam was not this reactionary in the middle ages

  3. Does a claim from 2,000 years ago outweigh the claims of people already living there when the Zionist movement got going?

  4. Will this combare is dump because you can't combare our modern economic and taxes to something happens in hundreds of years ago because backthen it was good,make sense and the best at that time period but now world is changed and you can't combare our modern time to something happens backthen

  5. Islam has with both more in common than they do with each other. Judaism doesn't even recognize Jesus/Isa as a prophet, Islam does. Christianity doesn't recognize the oneness of God, Islam does.

  6. Yes and no. God has a ‘son’ and holy spirit all that.

  7. Morocco, does written Arabic vary as well?

  8. And what document or teaching that is binding upon anyone's conscience other than your own do you have that says we must travel long distances once a week if that's the only way to get to Mass?

  9. We have lineages that can be associated with the 12 tribes none of this is Matrilineal not to mention that the Torah itself prohibit from us to give our women to males of other faith.

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