Can automaker please stop replacing buttons with touch screens

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  1. Does the guy in the lower left have a boner or are my eyes just funny

  2. Sweet story. I love moments like these. In ancient Egypt, some believed that all cats were little pieces of the goddess Bast/Bastet.

  3. I think you got a message, from what or who idk, but the intent was clear. 💜

  4. That's what I thought! I've been feeling so guilty i couldnt save my kitten, maybe he wanted to tell me I don't have to

  5. There are a couple things you could try. If nothing works, then the camera probably needs to be recalibrated at Tesla.

  6. Really lift the top/hooked leg towards your chest away from the pole and rotate on just your bottom thigh. The distance allows you to move your hips to face down without the pole getting stuck on your thighs.

  7. Yes this! And also thrust your hips forward, like coming up from a squat and you push your hips forward.

  8. Could you share some examples? That sounds super interesting!

  9. Love it!! Im gonna try this tomorrow 🤩 And you’re tattoos are really beautiful

  10. Hahaha thank you!! If you’re curious, my top is from creatures of xix, bottoms are old swimsuit bottoms from & other stories, and boots are pleasers flamingo 1051FS (just got these, this vid was my first day wearing them!)

  11. Who’s dad is the bottom one? He looks familiar, but I just can’t wrap my head around it.

  12. I have used various fake tans. Marc inbane natural tanning spray is my favorite. Tan Luxe the water and Bondi Sands liquid gold are also nice. I don’t know what is available in your country.

  13. I know right. This annoys the shit out of me. People saying: ‘you probably just don’t get fat’.

  14. Yess girl😍 What really helped me is twisting my outside hip outwards!

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