[SPOILER] Paddy Pimblett vs. Jordan Leavitt

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[SPOILER] Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor

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  1. Christmas 2020. From the opening (“You know, together, we’ve had so many memories…and so many times…”) to the montage of Christmas past (“Cat!”), to each of the “eight crummy-ass tapes”, it was magnificent.

  2. I'm honestly at the point where I wish they would just drop the metalcore thing completely and just focus on making solid alternative rock songs. Their sound is so all over the place it just sounds messy. Just focus on being a rock band. Just put out a decent record.

  3. Damn he calls Yoel a cheating son of a bitch with everything he's doing too

  4. I remember him saying Yoel felt like he was made of cement, I can never get that out of my mind. A man made out of cement.

  5. Looking for to the hype train getting derailed on this pumpkin pie hair cutted freak

  6. I had 3 of Pfizer, is it ok to go with Moderna for a 4th? Heard it offers longer protection.

  7. Three retirements tonight. Eye, Cerrone and Rose-Clark

  8. To be fair this one smells better off the skin at a distance rather than up close and off a tester strip.

  9. He probably sleeps on bottles of fragrances to help strengthen his back

  10. Barnacle Bills at Hallet Cove, always consistent & good quality. Fish is always fresh tasting and I love their chips. Port Noarlunga Fish & Chips is pretty solid also. I used to like Champion on beach road at Christies beach but haven't been there in a few years so can't comment on their current quality.

  11. Champion has gone to shit. Agree with Pt Noarlunga F&C.

  12. Sucks to hear they used to be pretty solid. Do you know what happened?

  13. Anyone else annoyed at these videos getting longer and longer? I swear people used to make top 10 lists and perfectly sum up everything in 6-7 minutes. Now they take half a fucking hour...

  14. That's why I like Best Brands Perfume, straight to the point no bullshit. I just need to hear the note breakdown, performance and price range.

  15. Where can I get kn95 masks cheap? Better stock up before the 14th, those blue ones aren't going to be enough I think.

  16. I'm confused, Labor made a big deal about ramping and the hospitals being over capacity but they are getting rid of masks in a couple of weeks and now this. How does this make any sense, can someone explain it to me?

  17. So happy to see what would have happened if Mir didn't get into that motorcycle accident.

  18. Looking forward to seeing him get Ben askrend soon, his whole schtick is lame.

  19. Unpopular opinion but overpopulation is a major problem. We don't have enough hospitals for the amount of people moving here. Maybe we should chill out on letting people move here until we have the capacity.

  20. The last two times I ordered lemon chicken and they gave me chicken nuggets and lemon sauce haha. It was good about 10 years ago but it's really overrated now in my opinion.

  21. Craziest sport ever.... Sucks for such a great fight to end this way. Those ground and pound shots were fucking brutal fair play to McGregor for staying in the fight. I wanted Dustin to win (and he brutalized McGregor the first round) but it's a shame we didn't get to see more from both fighters. Phenomenal while it lasted for sure.

  22. The ending reminded me of some movie where the good guy wins and the bad guy loses,, you see Dustin walking away into the sunset with his wife and Conor is on the ground defeated and screaming.

  23. Conor was the one who ended up leaving on a stretcher hahaha

  24. How did he get out of jail so quick? I swear it was only last month I read he was sentenced to 1 year.

  25. Tarax Creamy soda or we can't be friends..... yes, I'm that old

  26. So good, I managed to track some down the other week. $1 for 2 litres. Still tastes like I remember as a kid in the 90s. Simply the best in my opinion.

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