1. Looks like they sell this brand at Nordstrom. I’ve tried a liquid lip from this brand and it was pretty good from what I can remember. Don’t know anything about their eyeshadow though..

  2. I was very confused because I submitted my quiz as soon as I got the campaign. It’s now since disappeared from my campaigns. I never got the box. Anyone else?

  3. I saw a couple comments on the Influenster app of people asking why their campaign disappeared.

  4. No they had no clue. One person said they contacted support but haven’t heard back yet. I’ll see if maybe the updated their post yet.

  5. I really like my bag. Only one product I don’t like. The truly body butter. But everything else was on my want list. It’s more makeup heavy which is what I was hoping for.

  6. I’m shocked I’m actually getting it specially since I messed up the screenshot part. I put the results in instead of the products.

  7. I have 3 free Ipsy glam bags Valid until 8/14/22 to give away. I need your first name and email address.

  8. I want the Hempz and Fenty for regular. Wouldn’t mind getting the ND in plus. Other than that hope some better spoilers come out.

  9. I’ve been subscribed off and on since 2013 and straight since 2018. I’ve only got one wrong bag and one bag never showed up. But they sent replacements and only one product was substituted. But I’ve always gotten my add on’s and point redemptions. Besides those two bags my products have always showed up. I guess I’ve been really lucky.

  10. That’s not too bad for such a long time! I’m glad that the Customer service seems decent with replacing or refunding people at least when it does happen. Definitely helps ease the pain :’)

  11. Yea they have been really good about it. I’ve had an all around pleasant experience. I go straight to Twitter and DM them @ipsycare if I have an issue. They usually get back to me with in a couple hours. The longest it’s taken was like 12 hours and that was because it was midnight on New Year’s Eve.

  12. Disappointed that I got the Color Wow Hair anti-frizz treatment and the Danessa Myricks cheek/lip palette (when will Ipsy grasp that I have oily skin?). I’ll definitely be putting them up for sale on my Mercari profile. Kinda iffy on the body lotion too. I’m happy with the rest of the Ipsy picks and my choices, though. Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Mask is my favorite eye cream. I wasn’t gonna get any add-ons, but I wanted a backup of the Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Body Serum. I love it so much.

  13. I absolutely love the Saint Jane body serum. I use it after every shower. Makes my skin so soft.

  14. I absolutely love this bag. The only thing I don’t like is the Truly whipped body stuff. I would switch it out with the PMG lipstick lol

  15. I love your bag too! And I love the truly cream. I keep bying it at TJ Maxx. It's great for my feet.

  16. That’s what I plan on doing. Putting it on my feet lol.

  17. I’m so jealous of the lipstick. I hope it’s in add on’s.

  18. Right?! I was shocked to see it, I didn't even know it was an option in the X this month! Feeling the same about the shade as well because they NEVER give me shades that I have set in my preferences. FINALLY! I hope you can get 1 too! (If I even get any of these products considering IPSYS past record of mess-ups)

  19. Same! Ipsy was forever giving me nudes. And like the worst make me look like a corpse nudes for the longest time. Then I switched my hair to red and they started sending me darker shades. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what but have been glad to never get another Night of the living dead lipstick again. 😂

  20. I bought the body whip at ulta and I actually like it. It is very solid like shea butter, but it’s nice and smells good.

  21. Oh cool. Well that’s good to hear. The reviews seem like you either love it or hate it. I’m gonna give it a try.

  22. I don’t like mine either. I especially don’t like that all but one my items have an MSRP of $15-30. Glam Bag X is supposed to be better products. They said they were raising the prices to give us better products. I don’t see that in reality.

  23. While I do like my bag and am happy with it. I noticed all the products I got are on the cheaper side. Like I’ve gotten more expensive products in my glam bag plus.

  24. Or it’s because she’s just a trash bag human being. If you search her name here you will pull up countless threads of her garbage behavior.

  25. Jen who also does not have any education in cosmetic chemistry also tried to act like she was being very charitable when she offered to review ingredients lists for The Crayon Case (a Black owned brand). The Crayon Case had some issues with labeling, and Jen acted insulted when the owner did not accept the offer. The owner had every right to refuse it. Meanwhile in the comments on the video that Jen shared this in, her viewers were blatantly racist to the owner and mocked her AAVE.

  26. I didn’t even know about this one but it doesn’t surprise me one bit after seeing her like all those racist comments under the AOC video. Or how hard she stuck up for Ofra and made excuses even after everything came out. It’s a pattern. Maybe she will make another video calling us all Envious again. 😂

  27. COLOR WOW HAIR Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment

  28. Go to is an Australian brand. They make quality skincare and it’s pricey too. Was hoping this was in my bag or in choice.

  29. Oh man I can see mine too. Thanks for the heads up.

  30. That's exactly what mine says. Bank acct shows the billing, too. I think this is just and ipsy glitch.

  31. Yea definitely a glitch. Seems to happen to a lot of us. Only once did my payment not go through. That was April. I didn’t catch the red exclamation point till almost midnight on the last day of the month. I retyped my card and force charged it. Didn’t get my reveal till a couple days after the first. After that I’ve caught it on early on. This time I just left it alone and it worked out it self thankfully.

  32. It’s gone but only my GB has a timeline now. GBX still says the same image. Ipsy confirmed my payment went through for both.

  33. Oh good. I’m glad they went through. My X time line says the same so your good.

  34. So glad I redeemed three things last month because this month is lackluster. Still have 3000 points to get through hopefully the mid month point redemption is good.

  35. I redeemed a lot more ( just to give them away ), but who knows how many of them will be "refunded". 😂😂 They know what they are doing to keep is around.

  36. Ive been lucky and I’ve never actually had any of my point redemptions not show up. Hopefully it doesn’t happen this month.

  37. This is my favorite cleansing balm atm. I'm working my way through a mini and have a full size backup.

  38. I’ve read a lot of people really love it. I just have way too many back up cleansing balms to even try it right now lol

  39. Was trying to remember what I redeemed this month and saw this had restocked again. I know someone was recently asking if there was a chance this would restock before the end of the month. I can’t remember who but if you do please tag them so they don’t miss out. Specially since it changes over to new products tomorrow.

  40. Anyone else get an email about the Lancôme Priming Serum? It says it will be a new one. Hope to get it!

  41. Jealous! I haven’t gotten a survey in forever.

  42. This is In my campaigns this morning!! ❤️❤️

  43. Congrats!! I didn’t get it unfortunately. Hope you love it. 🤍

  44. I’ve had them pop up right when the campaign ends and Ive also has them show up months later. And some don’t get them at all. More so than not though for me there is usually end campaign survey.

  45. Excuse the shit pictures. It was too dark in my house and too bright outside. 🤦‍♀️ I need better lighting in my house.

  46. I have the full size of Kirke and a sample l purchased from SB and they smell the same. I discovered Kirke in the wild by smelling it on someone else and asked them what they were wearing. It smelled intoxicating to me and l couldn't wait to get my hands on it...now when l have worn it several people ask what smells like hand sanitizer so l have been a little put off to trying it again 😩

  47. Oh no. That’s how I felt about this one lol. When my husband said rich old lady.. I was like damn. 😩😂

  48. I used it today and wow. It’s so much better quality than what I usually use. And the bottles are just perfect.

  49. Wow this looks like a good plus month. And of course it’s an x month. 😩

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