1. what about another east african country? Tanzania, uganda (Especially great for nature), kenya, etc. I love east africa.

  2. how much does it cost to make an app? Do these people really profit that much off of these apps? Sincerely asking, i have no clue.

  3. its that fat+carb combo, not just the carbs! Anyway, everyone loves this combo, if they say they don't, they are lying. its a shame we can't eat as much as we want but i guess that is life.

  4. nope theyre not lying if you eat natural only for a while u can break the habit and u dont need the hit anymore

  5. sure you might be able to break the habit but if they put those foods in their mouth again there is no denying they taste good.

  6. She stopped showing her 36hrs fasts because of the “Karens” but still post this ED bullshit

  7. yet, she still had to mention she did the fast so she still posted about it. she's such an idiot. if you are going to do dumb shit like fasting then don't post about it all, people will think its health.

  8. She doesn’t care about fitness, she cares about being skinny and burning calories. Such a lie she sells.

  9. Mostly fatigue. I'm literally always tired, mentally and physically. Most days on top of that I feel...off? Not specifically sick but never well. That(along with some probable undiagnosed ADHD) has sent my anxiety into an unmanageable level.

  10. Previous bodybuilder, had to quit bc my kidneys were affected. Bun went up to 30 and EGFR went down 30 digits in 2 months. Developed proteinuria. But I also have fam history of kidney disease & hypertension

  11. Grand Canyon is amazing in April and isn’t too hot yet.

  12. i second this! the most amazing park IMO. absolutely breathtaking.

  13. i am very confused why people would go for this

  14. Are we sure they aren’t just staring at you because you propped your phone on the box of fruit snacks they need to grab just so you can make this stupid video in the grocery store? *edit, spelling

  15. someone plz inform her this is exactly why people are staring. she needs to know.

  16. have you looked at british airways from London?

  17. how on earth do they not think to themselves, " This is ridiculous, why am i doing this? what am i doing with my life that i feel the need to show the world this? " i mean, i swear to god, the amount of self embarrassment i would feel.

  18. Now that he says he’s going natty he eats raw testicle every day. Prob hoping for a test boost naturally.

  19. I post a couple of photos on Instagram, after I'm back home. Although I haven't updated my Instagram in a while. Seems like i fell out of love with it.

  20. same, or when im bored in an airport I might post a few pictures. if i do, i do, if i don't, i don't. maybe its b.c im 40 now but i dont give a shit about posting pictures on social these days

  21. why is she even assuming people want to look like her? i mean, she looks fine, but i don't care to look like her? these influencers think they are so special.

  22. Do you mind sharing what company? We got quotes from African Dream Safaris and Lion World Travel (who advertises with Costco travel). After seeing the high $$, I figured we wouldn’t be able to find anything lower.

  23. Check out trip advisor tanzania travel forums. Pick a company that is actually in tanzania, or at least east africa. I loved Tanzania, I wasn't a fan of zanzibar but it was a nice way to end a safari. there was nothing wrong with zanzibar, i just get bored easily and didn't find it an exciting place. but i would 100% pick africa over maldives. Uganda & botswana are also amazing. zimbabwe too, you could do victoria falls.

  24. Okay this is VERY snarky of me but I’ve never ever ever liked her and wouldn’t trust her with literally anything ♥️

  25. same. i unfollowed her years ago. there is something very annoying about her, she is very high and mighty

  26. I think rather than first show it can be based on years training. I’ve recently (<6 months) switched from endurance sports to prioritizing lifting w aims of competing, but I’ve been lifting for 10+ years now. I haven’t competed yet, but I struggle to build beyond where I have sat at. I think a fair chunk of girls are in the same boat where they’re switching from another longer term sport and struggling to gain beyond where they are.

  27. nice to see another endurance athlete here! Or maybe ex now? Either way, cool. endurance work will always be my priority but i spend time lifting weight to supplement my endurance and i find this niche area very....interesting. this is way off topic but what's the biggest difference you have noticed since prioritizing strength training? i def don't get the same high from it as running. don't get the sweat. i wish i liked it more but it doesn't do much for me mentally. running makes me feel on top of the world!

  28. I’m an ex endurance athlete now. I had a lot of anxiety/trauma associated with it (thanks to male coaches who didn’t understand women’s anatomy) it’s awesome to know someone else here has that experience! I noticed really fast strength gains in the first month or so and then it quickly plateaued. I’ve found that I have a much higher metabolism than most other bikini girls that I think is partially due to endurance background

  29. Same about the metabolism. It’s funny when they think 200-300 carbs is a lot. I understood it’s all relative but I could never survive on some of these diets like 1700 calories. I’d get so hypo after a day and likely pass out!

  30. MD, pharmacists, dentists, etc. I've never had a problem with! It's always the phd candidates though. Just personally what I've noticed lol.

  31. my best friend is a phd...psychology. a very very good human and does not act like lyss or flaunt anything or think she's better than anyone. they aren't all dicks!

  32. Im with everyone else, you aren't stuck, get out of the airport and meet them somewhere else. why would you wait for them?

  33. I hope I don't rub anybody the wrong way but Kalish has always been mediocre in the food's always been super overpriced. I wish them the best of luck with their new business ventures.

  34. they may be overpriced but damn, i loved their stuff. they had the best bakery items and a lot of different offerings.

  35. There are tons of other delicious options and reasonably priced options friend. Kitchen 17/ Chicago dinner/ beacon donuts/cinnaholic/Alice and friends/ fancy plants etc ....

  36. i know, i liked kalish though. we didn't go often b/c its far for us but when we did, I would spend so much on the bakery items and bring tons home. Cinnaholic is freaking dangerous too....that place. good god its good. i have a major sweet tooth though.

  37. i mean, i do love fitness...but I'm not wearing a shirt that says that. major cringe.

  38. It’s one of those videos you’d maybe think is sweet if it were genuine and caught without them knowing but knowing she set up her camera, did that, watched it back and was like “Yes, this is it” is major cringe.

  39. exactly. how awkward. she set her camera up to do this and tried to act natural. weird man.

  40. I still follow some pro athletes , especially in track and field as that is my sport! And Natasha Océane too!

  41. i love following professional runners. so inspirational!

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