1. I’ve been watching a long time and don’t think it was in the NFL

  2. Dog: “runs tords you” Person: “grabs dog by neck then grab waist then body slams dog” Person : K.O.

  3. First reddit breaks Wall Street and now the NBA award race. We came along way guys. And we came good. We came a lot.

  4. These things are just the new rage comic faces. In a few years it'll be completely cringe to look at these awful memes.

  5. Millenials: “we got this thing called rage face comics”(fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu) Zoomers: “those suck, these are the new hotness, we call them wojacks”

  6. They're fine, but more expensive and less capable. I've been modding Gameboys for several years now, but I'm ready to be done. I don't even pick mine up anymore after switching to a handheld emulator, so I'm thinking of selling them, but it's doubtful I'll see a return.

  7. Oh, it's not the question if people will buy one, but what people will pay. The two Pockets I'm currently selling cost about $95-$110 to build, but no one wants to pay even cost for one of these things. I've had two sitting up on eBay for well over a month now and I've been dropping my prices gradually, but I still get low balled on the regular.

  8. I think we may find once the original hardware truly becomes more damaged/old/archived and this generation of parents ages into grandparenthood the value of your work will go up.

  9. Instead of tell about missing something you can just report where it exactly missing

  10. Kind of condescending for a little constructive criticism… one is far west near a sand structure past quarry, one is underwater at a dock also far west, and I do think of a few more

  11. Yes, it’s a Warzone specific change. I think it’s stupid and should be reverted but there’s a lot of things I wish were different about MW22 and WZ2 so…

  12. Nope: I’ve lost compass red dots but my friend has not. I’m on Xbox X he’s on Xbox one

  13. Clearly this guy doesnt game, what did you think COD will hand you a free win? You need to be ready for anything the game throws at you. Teleporation, boom got this, Aliens? Check mark! Mermaids?? Why the heck not...... get with it or delete the game.

  14. Kirk Cousins begins shaking and crying

  15. This is not a topic Christ has compelled me to research, and I'm afraid to ask...lol

  16. I saw a Boomer reading this conspiracy drivel on a plane

  17. We let criminals be President: no way we can crack down on modified headlights.

  18. Dog I get why you’re worried but you not losing to skylar Thompson 😂😭

  19. Get good. You can do all those things too, and best of all it was FUN. Why complain instead of adapting and learning to play?

  20. No, those things are easier to do on Scufs and PC. Those “skills” are mostly $$ locked. Remove them

  21. The late gen-x early millenial pop culture is simply unbeatable.

  22. Sounds like some all nighters boys, call the wives you’ll be late home tonight.

  23. Ahh sea otters. Nothing bad could ever come from cute wittle sea odders.

  24. This is a fun little game, but in the case of Tate and other like him, they would still have been doing all of this. Your point here reads like you just want to bury your head in the sand and not know what’s going on around you. It reads as if you’re ok with sex trafficking just so long as you don’t have to hear about it. Weird point, PJ.

  25. “I’ve never heard if this clown ‘till now” “That makes you sound like a sex trafficker supporter” TowerBard you are way out of line here.

  26. Even before Mythbusters they had worked together at least 10 years IIRC. Even after years of Mythbusters, according to Adam, they have never eaten dinner together alone.

  27. Really hope they don’t have an annoying bullet sponge following you around the whole game

  28. Useless as long as people can use birds eye. With high alert I can only see a direction if someone is already looking at me, with birds eye they see my exact location the entire match

  29. Bird’s eye only works with UAVs up, high alert works always.

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