1. There's a very brief scene in House on Haunted Hill (the 90s remake) where an undead woman approaches the two remaining survivors and she's shaking her head so fast that her face blurs.

  2. I used to have a hard time with that shaky-face effect too, but seeing Jacob's Ladder (the movie I'm pretty sure made that effect popular) took the edge off. I can appreciate it now, but when I saw House on Haunted Hill in theatres I had to walk out cuz it fucked me up so bad, lol

  3. Vapona strips are available at pestcontrolshop.ca for $18, you can find them for around the same price at hardware stores as well. There's a bunch of different brands, I don't think it matters which you choose. I've used them before, just seal up your yarn in a bag with one for a week, same for electronics and books. One strip is good for around 120 days, so you can use it in multiple bags of stuff & keep your costs down. Good luck!

  4. Thanks so much, I'll look at home Depot or Lowe's in this case :)

  5. You'll find them :) The ingredient you're looking for in strips is dichlorvos or DDVP.

  6. I know it does not matter if the phone number stays the same, but the level of customer service given matters. When your being told;

  7. Cj on the What'sApp service is especially terrible. I recently had an upgrade phone stolen from my building's mail room before I received it, and contacted Freedom through What's App to have them brick it and refund the charge. Cj refused to help, saying Freedom considered the phone delivered and I was SOL. I called the call centre and had the phone blacklisted and refunded while Cj continued to tell me that was impossible over What'sApp. I suspect that What'sApp employees haven't gotten enough training, tbh.

  8. Same here with that vicious cycle but so much of my anxiety and depression has been alleviated from not drinking. I don't wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and have been sleeping like a rock. No guilt, anxiety or depression the next day over my drinking and worrying about what I said or did the night before. Next, I plan on cutting out the caffeine my body requires for the morning after and going back to the gym to further help. Baby steps....

  9. The memory of that day-after guilt is what keeps me sober. Such an incredible feeling to just be able to let last night go.

  10. Any advice for slowing down coffee intake? Quitting drinking and starting an SSRI gave me an excuse to go nuts on coffee and I'd like to ease up as well.

  11. Let's not pretend there aren't women who like huge dicks...

  12. Totally. This guy seems like an asshole who can't take a hint, but there's nothing wrong with the dick size he's faking.

  13. The realization that in 100 years no one will remember any of this, no matter how intense it seems right now.

  14. Right? All those sources and it's still women's fault for not being assertive enough.

  15. Ummm this is the 5th to open and its been open for over a year. There is also:

  16. I always order a tall soda + cranberry juice. The tartness of the cranberry encourages sipping so it lasts as long as an alcoholic drink does, and it looks enough like an alcoholic drink that I never have to answer questions about whether or not I'm drinking (sometimes you just don't feel like going deep, you know?).

  17. Making a point of talking about how respectful/safe/feminist you are. Do it once, and OK, maybe you're just shy or nervous. Do it twice or more, and it gets progressively creepier. Believe me, if you're really a quality guy, I'll be able to tell without being told.

  18. Ugh yes! I ran into a guy at a bar once that went on and on about how progressive and feminist he was until I eventually laughed and said "yeah, yeah, you're a real White Knight." He then proceeded to mansplain the White Knight concept to me in an effort to show me that he was not one. Sigh.

  19. This is so true. I've met my bio-dad just a handful of times in my life, and the last time I saw him, there were photos stolen off my Facebook in frames in his living room. I am no longer on Facebook.

  20. Whether or not my bridge piercing "goes through the bone". I don't understand how people think that would work- drill a hole through your eye sockets and put a barbell in it? Seriously?- but people have asked it of me a surprising number of times.

  21. As a broke college student, how does one afford to bathe in coconut oil?

  22. I don't fill bathtubs with the stuff, to be clear, but as a broke college student I get my coconut oil from the dollar store for $2.00. Best & cheapest makeup remover ever.

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