1. All of the "average scores" end in 0, this needs to be using actual numbers to be credible.

  2. Free games only matter if you actually want to play them

  3. Are you using an HDD or SSD, and what model?

  4. Ok well that's not it then. Some more things to try: close all unnecessary programs, make sure your Ram is running at the correct speed and timings, remove any overclock on GPU, and you could try a different driver version.

  5. Your fine, you could safely use up to a 150w GPU with your setup.

  6. Left one is pre meth, the right is post meth.

  7. The stand would be more effective at the furthest part from the motherboard to avoid sag on both vertices.

  8. Me and my Vega 56 have no use for this.

  9. Could be a Plex or jellyfin server with transcoding disabled.

  10. I genuinely like this movie without thinking it's bad. Some of the tech stuff is grossly oversimplified but considering when this came out I think it was necessary to appease the general populace.

  11. Legitimately excited for this.

  12. When are you pedal striking? Is it during the motion of pedaling, or while Going downhill? The Jeffsy is an all mountain bike, so the bottom bracket will be significantly lower than your 2008 hardtail to aid on downhill cornering.

  13. Trail riding, some tech, some flow, Downhill is hard to find in South/Central TX ( Spider Mountain and Flat Rock Ranch are about it that I know of). Lots of rocks and roots to plow through. Momentum only works for so long until more pedaling is needed.

  14. Hurray! I am #1400 up vote, yah for me!!! Also I gree with your comment 100%.

  15. Ddr3 or ddr4, what speed and timings are you running at?

  16. Ddr4, speed says 2133, I don’t see anything about timing, where should I look for that?

  17. You could download cpu-z or hwinfo for windows, or look in your bios.

  18. What material is the backplate made of?

  19. This won't work, birthdate and social security numbers will be different.

  20. That's what I was thinking, this is plain AF.

  21. You can get a new Polygon Siskiu D6 for $900 right now that has modern geometry, dropper post, warranty, etc...

  22. Medium would probably be good that way it won't be too small for him when he gets a little taller.

  23. I have a qaudro 4000 lying around. But it's old lol

  24. What about a K5200? Or my friend has a 980 amp he'd probably sell me for $100

  25. My son is still using a 3770 with an RX 580 8GB, still plays everything at 1080p just fine. Wouldn't call it nostalgic or retro just yet, but definitely in a few more years.

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