1. So cute! Where does everyone get this kind of yarn and what’s it called?

  2. Wow these are better than the official plushies. Wish these were for sale... You nailed the arms and legs, something the plushies fail miserably at.

  3. These r adorably cute and looks very cuddly too :)

  4. Aww, I love these! Were they difficult to make? I've only tried making baby socks & only successfully completed one set that consisted of three socks lol. I gave my daughter all three I think. I'd love to try and make these, do you have a link to the pattern or even pattern name so I can Google it? I'm in bed with covid, so it would definitely give me something to do other than sleep.

  5. They are very easy and fast to make!) but we need a special yarn with loops... Get well soon!!!in YouTube, please type: crocheted socks from alize puffy

  6. Thanks! I definitely don't have that yarn, so maybe after covid I'll make some for Christmas gifts once I get some yarn. Maybe today, I'll just make solid granny square because they're easy to do without thinking. Lik

  7. I love this! I like the colors, the yarn and the construction. The yarn looks so smooth; would you share the yarn name/type?

  8. Thank you 🌹🌹🌹This yarn is specially made for baskets

  9. Hey, I believe your post was removed for not including the patterns! This sub is for sharing patterns, not finished objects. They look really good though

  10. These are adorable! The deer and the dragon are my favorite, awhhhh! :D Love it!

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