1. had one job: to exploit people's deep-seated emotional and existential vulnerabilities and sell them lies for cash...

  2. Unpopular opinion: I downvoted as I don't find data beautifully rendered.

  3. What about exploring culture, the arts, nature, material shit ….maybe not as noble as “family” but this stuff can absolutely consume modern life, especially for non religious, anti-work singles (who access “faith” through their cultural subscriptions).

  4. Hey - incredible, thank you! I noticed that post yesterday and immediately thought of this one :)

  5. Yes, more than 300 comments on that one mentioned the choice of chart was bad (some nice criticism, some harsh language) So I really had to revise it. I noticed folks didn't like the color on the first slide either, but the rest were ok I guess.

  6. Note: in all 3 slides values are adjusted for inflation.

  7. I don't think this graph accounts for inflation. There's more money printed today than there was 50 years ago. The effect of that, is minimal increases in wages while everything gets more expensive, and billionaires make more money.

  8. it does, real-wages means adjusted for inflation. You can download and verify the data here:

  9. yes, real wages means adjusted for inflation. Data available here:

  10. The data and the chart are available here:

  11. Data and the chart are available here:

  12. Data and the chart available here:

  13. Gotta love Terraria popping out every time there's a new update

  14. You can access the data and the chart here:

  15. What’s the unit here? Downloads? Hours played? Times the game was opened? Max players online?

  16. For each day, this plot shows the total number of steam players that loggedinto a particular game in the last 24 hours. It does not represent anyother metric such as total hours played or revenue generated.

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