Kanye West torches the last remnants of his career saying he likes Hitler

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  1. i fucking hate that ginger bitch

  2. Can anyone explain why? Dude knows how to wrench and drives the pants off of his car.

  3. If you can't see that he is insufferable then you are probably as insufferable as him IRL

  4. It's how I use my bidet. I always have a little chunk that gets stuck, and I can feel it inside, so I use the bidet (wand style) to give myself an enema and power flush the chunk out.

  5. Thx - I don’t notice it as much with the SiC cup in my Switch (the corner pooling that is). The SiC likely has ‘softer corners’ (+ it’s SiC) vs. the XS Quartz Bowl. I was able to remove some light chazzing on the XS by sprinkling a lil sea salt in the bowl + alcohol + qtip and it’s back to new, so that’s good. I just noticed it re-occurring & wanted to see if it was ‘normal’ that’s all. Overall still happy with the XS.✌🏽

  6. Throw a quartz ball in there and tip the XS to roll it around while it heats.

  7. Adam had his hand gripped OVER the chain brake on his chainsaw the entire time. Holding it like that literally prevents it from working. It takes 5 minutes to watch a "how do I chainsaw video" why the fuck would anyone take using a tool that can literally kill you so unseriously?

  8. The pinched blade segment was premium rookie content. Gotta learn somehow.

  9. She be so mad.. I wonder if I get both at the same time.. like some kinda drag..

  10. Ah yes, one of the architects of the 2008 financial crisis who got off Scott free and never had to pay back the millions he scrounged. Scum

  11. Idk man, look at players like JaVale McGee. There are some uncoordinated, lanky, awkward motherfuckers in the NBA that just happen to be tall and have decent/average hands. Lots of NBAers look and move like baby giraffes off the court. Did Shaq have much athleticism? Or was he just a massive human that stood under the hoop and dunked?

  12. Top 10 nephew moments. A lot of what made Shaq so dominant was how damn athletic he was on top of being a physical beast.

  13. If you only watch his shaqtin a fool highlights from 7 years ago I could understand this take but javale is extremely athletic lmao. The only thing he’s good at is dunking you probably need to be athletic to catch lobs and run the floor.

  14. "Javale is closer to Michael Jordan in athletic ability than any rando is to Javale." - White Mamba

  15. Pretty sure I'm team Roberto at this point. Dude keeps the lot full of dope $$$ cars and doesn't seem too interested in YouTube fame.

  16. It would sure beat the heck outta having Berto point a camera at Marcus while he explains what he's doing to an R34,

  17. Man the youtuber merch stigma is still a thing. I can't think of a single youtuber i would want something from except that linus tech tips screw driver.

  18. I bought a coat from some bald YouTuber and it's really nice but I always wonder what it would take to remove the embroidery. Trying to stay sleeping.

  19. Technically yes but not with the single gear set-up 99% of motorized bicycles have.

  20. I've been listening to it with an auto-narration. It's weird to hear the lady who gives me directions talk about some petulant Belgian dude's genocidal machination of his own colony.

  21. Parasocial take: those jokes are hella disrespectful to Rudknuckle. Fully condoning scumbag behavior and bailing out a phoney.

  22. The dude's show now consists of slowly reading random people's tweets while Kurt interrupts.

  23. Change "overt" to "petty" and you got yourself a bingo. The people we're talking about rarely have relevant information at a useful moment, but always feel their petty display of knowledge is a contribution to the conversation. It's not.

  24. Name brand in the US is ~$7,500 (USD) per box, but hopefully OP has insurance that doesn't suck and they paid nothing (or a small copay, say <$100).

  25. The company is going to do its thing. As an investor, I'm going to hodl and DRS.

  26. DFV is right about appreciating sideways movement. Forget about trying to time the market and accumulate, baby!

  27. Why would you doubt his mental illness? He has been very open about his diagnosis and quitting medication.

  28. Because it's easier to assign an intentionally nefarious agenda to somebody with a working brain than be sympathetic to a wealthy loon.

  29. Dude had enough brains to understand that watching video will prevent your pc from sleeping but not enough to alter sleep settings

  30. Oh no. I had already toggled every setting I could find, disabled every update schedule, and disconnected it from the Network.

  31. Dude, my home PC has the same will of it's own and it drives absolutely mad! The rare occasion I need to leave it up overnight I've done similar lol!

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