1. The corporate media is funny, when there is a strike they have CEOs weigh in, when cops murder they have police on to weigh in.. They Never speak truth to power

  2. Here come the lib conspiracy theories that he's somehow a puppet of Putin lol

  3. For people who are saying chimps don't make good pets.. No shit, that's why they are visiting him at a zoo, they aren't all ripping faces off all the time

  4. Why does anyone need to replace themselves?

  5. to keep the machine going, and those profits rolling in, a new generation to suck dry of their labor

  6. they're really worried about that red line not going up

  7. I don’t understand why we have to separate history into racial identity, i might be wrong and please don’t hate me because of this, but as far as I’m concerned most of not all of history is simply human history not black or white or any other race’s history and it should be taught like that, it may have happened to one specific race but we all can learn something from it and should learn something from it in order to not let it happen again.

  8. Learning history from the perspective of not the empires of Europe or the subsequent western empire, gives a better understanding of the horrors of imperialism

  9. She never actually had the highest trading margins. Literally a bunch of Republicans are above her. Instead of bringing up that the whole lot are a problem. Right wing media demonized her to the point that people attacked her home.

  10. She wasn't as bad as the republicans isn't a defense of her actions, it's a deflection and whataboutism is the number one symptom if partisan hackery

  11. Kinda wild that people keep such tight tabs on Pelosi, but the 5 republican politicians who are doing it worse and some far worse are totally ignored and not spoken of.

  12. Whataboutism isn't a defense, it's an admission.. Also no one is defending republicans.. You are able to scrutinize both.. You should try it, in fact it would make you a better citizen and less of a partisan hack

  13. "There's a reason you separate military and the police. One fights the enemies of the state. The other serves and protects the people. When the military becomes both, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

  14. Police have always been there to protect the powerful from the "peasants"

  15. People acting like the police is an ancient thing, and not from the 1800s when feudal structures where collapsing. The rich don’t need the police, the army or private security will do the job, like who upvote this shit it was very obviously created to curb down crime.

  16. Literally in the law that the police do not have to protect citizens, please spend more than 13 milliseconds looking shit up before commenting. Also police do not curb down crime, they show up after the fact. Improving material conditions improves crime rates, people are less likely to do crime if they have food shelter. Of course police don't ever "curb" white collar crime do they?

  17. More likely Will just explode after running over a few people

  18. I can relate, knew I had it but never bothered to look into it, thought it just meant I couldn't focus without meds. Realized all the fuck ups I thought were character flaws were verbatim symptoms. Hits you all at once

  19. I'll never understand why Americans see people from around the world pointing out all the horrible shit that happens to them and their fellow citizens, and instead of saying "shit we really should demand better" they get offended and lash out, like a racoon defending its trash bin. The richest nation in earth and your elites treat you like dog shit (sure it's like this most places but not at the scale of the usa)

  20. Rich are doing great! Rejoice, peasants

  21. The only bones in your body not covered

  22. Yeah then all his billionaire sponsors would go away

  23. Business insider is a corporate rag, cost of living has skyrocketed and wages have stagnated which count as a wage drop since you have less purchasing power

  24. We'll see a whole cinematic universe before season 3 animated

  25. Crowder who is constantly shitting on the working class lol

  26. Systemic issues exist. Imagine saying this to a person in North Korea for instance

  27. Plaque marines, famously inhabit your teeth when you don't floss. Gingivticus the chaos God of cavities did this

  28. Yeah they're worried, since the peasants aren't having offspring enough for their sweatshops in the future

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