1. Representation doesn't actually represent anything. USA just had a fash president from a party that's supposedly not fash. The state is all right wing.

  2. Except USA is a uniquely fucked up system where socialists would run with centrist liberals and Nazis gotta dogwhistle on the GOP. Other countries just have Nazis and Socialists run in their parties with realistic chances of being part of the presiding government so long as they're popular. Ukraine's Nazi party is a consolidation of many parties and if grew large enough could have formed the government with another party to make the majority, so it's probably more representative

  3. This is great for the 3rd party creators who helped bring them into popularity, including the VTT's who allowed so many games to happen when there was no WOTC VTT.

  4. As others have mentioned, they had their list of issues typical in a gaming company. Sexual harrassment, bad managers, etc. As far as I'm aware, this led to unionising, which is pretty a-typical compared to just... ignoring it like Blizzard. Biggest controversy that I am aware of that has gone "unaddressed" is the pay for staff, with artist work getting a

  5. I hardly ever see sumo that wide. But most I see who are anywhere near a wide sumo stance typically do a weird "hop" and bring their feet in before the bar lands. But it can happen

  6. Yeah I bought kingmaker. I know it’s a monster but I think my 5e group has been working toward something like it for years (3 sandbox campaigns complete). Once we get the system down I’m going to recommend it.

  7. Running the first part of Alkenstar. It's a good adventure, but if your players are learning the system I'd try out the beginner box adventure, which is in the same location as Abomination Vaults (if I remember correctly). One of my 4 players was a perma DM so it worked out that having him on really helped with character creation and running work on my end. I got it because it was Foundry ready but I don't know how it compares IRL

  8. ... No? If nerves used for controlling muscles and eyesight were only skin deap we'd all be fucked. They're under some layer of muscles and fat, albeit not an incredibly thick layer. It's why he had to train his fingers to that extent in the first place. And yes, I could say "otherwise Pickle would have nerve damage" but this is baki. Pretty sure the Baki lore means you have to reach in somewhat deep, which is why Shinogi usually comes out with his fingers bloody from the 2nd knuckle up.

  9. People are giving better answers than me, so I'll try and say something new, as someone who's also learning after 5e snd run a couple of sessions.

  10. Olivia's learning. Had he thrown another straight, he'd have crushed his hand. That uppercut was a wonderful set up. He also learned he's not beating Sukune's hands when they have a grip on him. But he can stop his arms from moving. Could be wrong, but it doesn't seem that different to a regular sumo counter for when your opponent gets two hands on your Mawashi. Except with Olivia's ridiculous power, it full locks down Sukune's arms. Then, another follow up move. Damn this was a good chapter.

  11. Not really. One guy went back and another walked straight to gay. There just happened to be a lot that of people that thought they were bisexual first. Bisexuality with a preference is the most common "Am I Bi?" questions on this sub. And considering how much stronger heteronormativity was back then, it's not surprising there was internal conflict about never wanting to have a heterosexual relationship.

  12. No. Arching isn't the goal, that's what happens with right form. The rotator cuffs are easily hurt with bad form, and arching limits the movement of the rotator cuffs. Tore mine, it's shit, you'll want to learn to arch correctly.

  13. I added "wage" before "slavery" because it is a subset of slavery, alongside chattel slavery. That chattel slaves are treated as property does not somehow make wage slavery a lesser form of slavery, both are unfree labor and both are so far beyond ethical that they're off the scale.

  14. Except in the first scenario, what constricts the person to work is the owner of the slave, and in the second what constricrs the person to work is the society everyone operates in. In the first, the person has no rights. In the second, the person has many rights guaranteed by law, because he is a citizen and not property.

  15. Yes yes, we know that's the consequence of longterm unemployment in most countries for most people.

  16. Well, that's easy. This actually happens, I'm never playing it again. None of my circles meet in person and if I can't run dnd on foundry then I'm not running it. New players will have to learn pathfinder. Thank god for pathbuilder

  17. You don’t even need pathbuilder if you’re running in foundry, because foundry already has a great character builder and character sheet integrated in for pf2e

  18. Yes, but pathbuilder enables my need to make 100s of characters I'll never play, which is how I learned 5e

  19. I'd say they're often "soft" in nature but hardly kind. You can be extremely kind while portraying how disciplined you are and how this has shaped you

  20. He's truly insufferable. The reply answered the question clearly and he focuses on dust and pretends it's the only thing written. God, every time he speaks I get Vietnam flashbacks to every terrible conversation I've ever had

  21. Olivia is just outta rehab from having almost every rib ripped out. Sukune is on the mend, but we don't know how long that's for. Seems like a fair fight. I think Olivia will win, and hopefully we can see injured Keheya V. Sukune. Really wanna see what his kick can do if it lands and Sukune isn't the dodging type.

  22. I honestly can't remember a time that a historical figure doing fucked up shit was brought to my attention but it was OK for the time. Pretty much everything I've learned was kind of fucked up for the time too. Closest was a couple of slavers and even then... there's pretty much always been abolitionists during the North Atlantic slave trade and usually when it's brought up there was something a little spicy on top e.g. Thomas Jefferson having kids with his slave (and if someone is having sex with you because they're your slave, that's called rape buddy, something almost certainly judged even in early 19th USA).

  23. I dunno how old they are, but assuming they have smartphones, the pathbuilder app handles most things for free and allows players to explore the system on their own in a more engaging way than reading.

  24. Small enough, but the sub VuvuzelaIPhone seem to be a good sub without tankies without the sub revolving around the tankies

  25. You're entirely right and I'm never going to point this out myself because I want people to get interested in other systems, learn them and then teach me as a player. I'm selfish and this is the way. Here's hoping one of my players wants to GM the star wars TTRPG

  26. The wildfang project (which I think is the only english translation for that part) makes that mistake, but the anime has both the English dub and subtitles saying his son was born when Kaku himself was 120. I thought the same as you, God I wish someone else would translate earlier Baki

  27. Actually on mangasee they have a official translation. Also the OP is saying that they are surprised someone slept with a 120 year old man.

  28. Westminster are also providing nothing to back up their reason to veto despite having years to prepare. Regardless of the obvious conclusion that there is no good reason to veto the bill, they're going for it anyway, showing how literal regard they have for Scottish governance.

  29. Christ this is terrible. Thanks for sending it on and you're right, they're only doing this *as* it is about to be passed. I don't want to spend all day going over each point, but I'll highlight some noticeable bullshit, part 2.

  30. When I was getting into TTRPG's and wanting to look at other systems, I came across a warhammer shop. Super friendly guy and even got some tips for painting minis.

  31. My most reliable friends are the old college dnd (and now pathfinder) group. Offer to DM for any system and people will apply to get to know you

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