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  1. yea the majority of mass shootings are committed by men, but the majority of men do not commit mass shootings

  2. women saying they all hate men both demonizes good men who have done nothing wrong and excuses actual terrible men for their actions by arguing that all men are naturally evil. I'm sorry if you were hurt by someone, I truly am, but that doesn't make up for blatant bigotry

  3. Hokori Hokori no mi - anything and anyone you touch can be turned to dust at will

  4. a young boy tries to convince everyone that he isn't a bisexual war criminal

  5. Is this a reference to the movie Freebird (2013) ?

  6. that movie where They Go Back In Time To The First Thanksgiving To Get Turkey Off The Menu?

  7. despicable me will be hailed as a forgotten masterpiece and Minion (megamind) will have 200 children he is housewife for and 60% of megamind 3 will be focused around their silly antics

  8. I think you're forgetting that Megamind was made by Dreamworks, and they're actually really good at making sequels (except shrek the third)

  9. Dragon Train 3 was pretty good. Fighting Oreo Bear was also pretty good. I know they came out at different times, but how did they mess up Jolly Green Giant so badly? And why did they make Jolly Green Giant 4? I also could have lived happily without ever seeing Zimbabwe 3, but we never would've gotten that Puffins spinoff that was actually quite entertaining

  10. shrek 3 was a disaster in every aspect, and i think they made shrek 4 to redeem the franchise

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