1. i’m skipping glam bag this month. i’ve learned to do this when there’s no good choice options. going to hope GBP choice is better.

  2. I signed up for GBP because this months choices are awful.

  3. i hope you love your bag!!! last month was my first time trying GBP and i think i might be fully converted now 😳 i didn’t get the hype (have been a GB subber since 2016, a very loyal customer) till i tried it myself and now i cannot waitttt for feb 2nd to choose THREE full size products! this is the first GB i’ve ever skipped and i feel no FOMO 😂

  4. Bumping this - - - I've been waiting two years and the delight of opening a fresh bag of this wonderful snack (that is FAR superior to the cheese fix mix that they kept.......if they were going to get rid of one why couldn't it have been that one?!?!) .....C'mon Frito-Lay, please let us have this again, or at least sell the recipe and setup to someone else who will make it.

  5. hello and thank you! the last i checked this petition had 2k signatures and now we are 300 shy of 5k!!! that’s incredible!!

  6. my earth harbor cleanser leaked too :( your leakage looks worse than mine though which sucks…. but the bright side is that once you wipe off the bottle… that cleanser is AWESOME!!!!

  7. it’s been like this. just gotta wait for them to fix it 🤷‍♀️ it’s annoying as hell though

  8. The whole situation seems really sad. Sounds like a date went wrong: man starts abusing woman, woman stabs the man in defense with a pocket knife. Then woman panics and rather than call the police, she tries to dispose of the evidence. So now two lives are ruined.

  9. idk why this comment got downvoted. i’m willing to believe he was indeed assaulting her and she acted in self defense. whether or not the level of her retaliation is justified given the severity of the abuse is another question. we don’t know how aggressive he was, if her life was in danger, but a man beating a woman is a man beating a woman no matter the initial severity. if it started out with a light slap there’s a high chance she could have been the one dead in the end. abusive men WILL attempt to beat the life out of a woman and he has a HIGH chance of getting away with it too. she probably felt disadvantaged in the situation and well…. she got him :/

  10. Yes, it is indeed crazy for you to have sympathy for her in this situation.

  11. i got it in my bag and think that it’s fine! it has a smell due to the spirulina (i think that’s what gives the scent?) but it’s not like, a spoiled scent. smells like it’s supposed to be that way lol

  12. it must be a lucky glitch for me. i cancelled gbp and then resubbed (exposing my weak ass 😭) so maybe this has something to do with my ability to view the glitch? i messed with their system 😂

  13. At first I was mad they were recycling products from last year and then I went wait a minute … checked the product for reviews and there are none! So I think they glitched and are showing products for next months bag in last years February product list!!!

  14. love bailey but i won’t be convinced to go X till ariana grande is the curator 😂

  15. Pretty simple, Nevil Patel is a pos and no one should support his businesses

  16. do u have more tea? 👀 i shop at green releaf frequently due to its location. should i switch to high profile?

  17. i didn’t get why people didn’t like this patel guy for not wanting a tax increase bc shitttt neither do i lmao

  18. social room pre covid was always popping but maybe the one time i ventured out since then was a dud night. it suckedddd the music was shit and i couldn’t even force myself to dance. paid a $10 cover to play mario kart for a couple rounds and dipped.

  19. i’ve seen this guy around. i thought it was a tenant being kicked out of one of the houses on garth close to business loop because i saw him multiple times parked at a house there and saw him going down that street a couple times :(

  20. sister company but not quite the same! TJ generally has better stuff, i’ve found. marshalls is still legit but the one we have in town is always a wreck. a TJ in addition to the marshalls would slayyyyy

  21. i would want a skincare heavy gbp and a makeup heavy gb!

  22. Let me redeem 3,000 points for a regular glam bag or 6,000 for a plus.

  23. At least the cleansers are 3 totally different types, great for a double cleanse method if you do so. I'm excited for the Keys cleansing balm too. I went forever without getting any Keys products while I kept seeing everyone else getting all kinds. Well in the past 3 months or so I've gotten 3 and the balm will be my 4th. I've enjoyed everything I've gotten so far. Hope you love your stuff!

  24. what order would you suggest using these products for a double cleanse? the balm and then the toning cleanser or the gel?

  25. Either the balm or the toning cleanser to remove the makeup then the regular gel cleanser to get anything that was missed

  26. thank you!! i will give that a try when they come in

  27. i subscribed to gbp for the first time ever for this bag after having liked the choices people have posted for the past couple months. fingers crossed i get something good. i want the palette or moisturizer and cleanser from the spoilers !!

  28. Have you ever heard of that brand? Trifle Cosmetics. I tried to look it up and nothing decent like retailer came up. Only the colour name sounds delicious of that Turkey's delight. 😃

  29. i think this brand is available for wholesale for independent boutique shops or something. i was looking into them once before and i feel like i came across that information but i’m not confident. it very much looks like an independent boutique brand at least 😂 and i have liked the products i’ve tried from them, all received in ipsy

  30. went with the trifle eyeshadow. i love when this brand makes an appearance in ipsy, i’ve loved every product by them ive tried!! i’m intrigued by the weird color combo… the pink is described as rose gold but it looks more pink than rosy lol…. and i love green eyeshadows so i went for it. there’s a swatch video on the trifle website and the colors look beautiful !!!

  31. bag twinsies!!! different foundation shade though. which i will not wear, it’s the only disappointing item for me

  32. i recognize that eyeshadow! got it a couple years back 👀 but it’s honestly one of my faves and i still use it today so 🤷‍♀️ it’s probably fine lol. it’s so beautiful when applied!

  33. if it’s ari i’m literally gonna subscribe hoooooly fuck. i love her lol

  34. idk if this joke will fly on this sub but “on the dark side” could be a reference to the fact she is an italian blooded race shapeshifter 😂 she’s been called out for adopting black culture for the look, then she moved onto korean inspired, and now they’re joking she has turned slavic for her new era. problematic behavior aside i still love her sorry!

  35. if i don’t get one of the three perfumes they have i’ll be soooooo mad lmao. i’ll be shocked as well because half these options are in my rarely category …..

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